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Korean Dramas

Age of Youth | #kdramawomensweek

Baker King Tak Gu | Episode Guide • Series Reflection

Beloved | Episode Guide • Musings

Big Character Gallery • Episodes 1-2 Refelction

Biscuit Teacher Star Candy | First Impressions • Enjoy the Pretty

Can We Get Married? | Series Review

City Hunter | Episode 16 Anatomy of a Scene • Dae Hee Character Analysis • Random Musings

Coffee Prince | Anatomy of a Scene

Color of Woman Episode Guide

Dal Ja’s Spring | Episode Guide

The Equator Man First Impressions

Flower Boy Ramen Shop | Episode Guide

Flower Boy Next Door | It’s Blitz! • Episodes 1-4 ReflectionEpisodes 5-6 Reflection • FBND Meta

Gaksital | Episodes 1-6 Reflection

Heartless City | Episodes 1-10 Reflection

History of a Salaryman | First Impressions

Kimchi Family | Episode Guide • First Impressions

King 2 Hearts First Impressions • Episodes 3-4 Reflection • Episodes 7-8 Reflection

Let’s Eat | Episode 1 Recap • Musings on Eps 2-10

Love Marriage | Episode Guide

Marriage Not Dating | Episode 2 Reflection

Me Too, Flower | Writer Overview • Musings on GenreEpisode 6 Reflection & Anatomy of a Scene • Episode 11 Reflection • Episode 13 Reflection

My Sweet Seoul | Episode 9 Reflection • Series Reflection

Nice Guy | First Impressions • Episodes 3-4 Reflection • Han Jae Hee character Analysis • Meta-by-Pictures Episodes 5-6 Reflection • Meta-by-Pictures (Ep. 7-8)Episodes 7-8 Reflection9-12 Fangirl Musings9-12 Reflection13-14 Reflection

Ojakgyo Brothers | Episode Guide • Episode 20 Refelction & Tae Pil Character Analysis • On Cha Su Young & Hwnag Tae Bum (…& Ja Eun & Tae Hee)

Operation Proposal First Impressions • Episode 11 Reflection • Episode 15-16 Reflection • Top 10

Padam Padam | First Impressions

The Princess’s Man | Critique: Part I • Shin Myun Character Analysis • An Intricate Title

Powerful Opponents | Episode Guide

Queen In Hyun’s Man | Episode Guide • Episode 6 Reflection • Episodes 9-12 Refelection • Episode 15 RAW Reflection •

Queen of Reversals Episode Guide • Gu Yong Shik Character Analysis

Rooftop Prince | First Impressions

Scent of a Woman | On Ji Wook & Mr. Darcy • Quote # 1 • Kim Sun Ah • On Desire and Morality in Yeon Jae’s Characterisation

Secret Garden | Kdramas, Rape Culture, & Complicity

That Man Oh SooEpisode Musings •  Musings on the Finale

A Thousand Days’ Promise | Musings • Fine Motion Portraits

What’s Up, Fox? | An Introduction

A Wife’s Credentials Episode 1-2 Reflection

Witch’s Romance | Series Review

Wild Romance  Episode Guide • Go Back Whence You Came!

Japanese Dramas

Anego | Episode Guide

Hungry! | Episode Guide • First Impressions • Episode 5 Reflection

Majo No Jouken | Episode Guide

Taiwanese Dramas

In Time With You | First Impressions • Episode 5 Mini Reflection • Episode 6 Reflection • Episode 7 Reflection Part I • Episode 7 Reflection Part II • Random Musings • Musings • More Musings


Kpop | Kpopped & I Just Can’t Stop : Part I • Part II • Part III • GD’s “One of a Kind”


Imaginary Kdrama | Don’t Look Back in Anger • Someone Like You

Crush • Check In • In Review 2012 • Liebster Award


  1. Hi!

    I LOVE your take on analyzing korean dramas, especially Me Too, Flower! Are you really going to do a Chap. 13-15 Reflection? If you are, I’ll patiently wait for it. :D Thank you! Really awesome reflections.

    • ladida

      Thank you for coming to our blog!

      We are working on the reflection for the last episodes of Me Too, Flower. I’m not sure yet if it’ll be one overall reflection focusing on differing themes, or if we’ll break it up, but either way it/they will be up by the end of this weekend at the latest. It’s such a satisfying drama, despite all it’s flaws; I always enjoy others’ thoughts on it.

    • ladida

      Ok, by the end of this weekend I meant sometime on Monday. Sorry! This was a pretty busy weekend.

  2. No worries, ladida. Take your time. Hehe!


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