mscl thread


– you looked better before
– like i’m devastated

– what?
– i don’t even want to talk to you.
– good, then don’t.

– you just did whatever you wanted and you didn’t care what damage it did to anybody else
– what damage did it do to you?

– so is there like anyone’s car you won’t get into?
– right. i live my life to annoy you, krakow, you’re like my world.
– shut up.

– how come you look like that?
– like what?
– you just look like you’re going to a costume party as someone else
– look if you must know, jordan catalano is coming over, so
– what?
– yes. shut up. why is it so amazing, i’m sorry if you disapprove
– i don’t disapprove, i’m just sickened
– please just get out of here, would you?
– so what, you and jordan catalano are like a couple?
– yes! why is that so hard to accept? he’s coming over, and we’re probably gonna go see the bicycle thief this weekend together
– what? you think jordan catalano will understand one word of the bicycle thief?
– shut up
– you only understand it because i explained it to you
– that’s such a lie
– you’re bringing jordan catalano to the bicycle thief, that idiot?
– don’t you dare call him that.
you don’t know you don’t understand. not for one second. you think you understand but you don’t, you just analyze everything until it barely even exists.

– so what’d your parents think of jordan catalano, were they like revolted?
– we are not talking about jordan catalano ever again.
– we’re not? …ok we’re not. why not?
– because you are incapable of understanding.
– oh yeah, why?
– cause it’s never happened to you. just wait til it happens to you, brian. seriously i cannot wait until it happens to you because i am gonna look at you and i am gonna laugh. and i’ll say ‘see? see? i told you so.’

– you’re in my light
– so sharon’s dad is gonna be ok
– i heard. your friend rickie told me
– i was just over there, at sharon’s. i ended up staying a pretty long time.
– is there some reason you think i should care about this?
– i don’t know. you two are friends.
– i guess. i mean, we’re not really friends.
– well but you’ve been hanging out with her, right?
– look. it was just. she needed me. not me, somebody. anybody. and i just happened to be there, and we just–so, we just like hung out. or whatever. i mean it could have been anyone.
– no, that’s not true. it doesn’t work with just anyone. i mean some people…i mean i think she needed you.
– why?
– because of certain ways. that you are.
– what did you, like, give this thought or something?
– brian go inflate your tire

– i don’t believe you. you’re in some kind if dream world or something that revolves around you. you have like no concept of anybody else’s life.
– i know.
– you couldn’t even begin to imagine the pressure i’m under. you think you’re under pressure? that is so like laughable.
– brian, you’re completely right, ok, but could you just please explain geometry to me anyway?

– what do you think, that i don’t, like need my own bike? you can just like leave it all over town?
– i…
– well don’t just take it. yell back at me. i mean, did something–i mean obviously something happened.


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