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Screen shot 2013-12-15 at 11.10.13 AMFrom the third episode of Let’s Eat. This is hilarious. Can you imagine a South Korean woman with a blog about American dramas, writing about how all our heroines live in the suburbs and are serial monogamists? She’d talk about how she’s always behind on her drama watching cause American dramas have 22 episodes and 7 seasons.

Hi all! I’ve decided to abandon my pretenses to perfectionism and just throw up a post with links to various stuff I’ve been reading around the interwebs these past few weeks, quick and dirty. Read and enjoy!

The Women in Kdrama Awards – Polls are open! Don’t forget to vote!

SHINee’s Jonghyun and Politics on S. Korea – The always excellent and insightful radio-palava gives some quick notes on the significance of SHINee’s Jonghyun’s twitter message in support of a student protester in S. Korea.

More Info on S. Korea Protest Movement – Some more info on the above from other knowledgeable folks on tumblr.

Trendsetting in Korean Dramas – An interesting look at the tendency dramas have to follow trends in hopes of gaining ratings, and how dramas try to start trends themselves as a form of marketing and publicity.

On Coffee House and Kdrama Heroines – This is a wonderful analysis of how we read texts according to expected tropes and how that affects our experience and understanding of the text. I’m planning on marathoning Nine and Coffee House in the upcoming days, which were penned by Queen In Hyun’s Man‘s Song Jae Jung. She has a track record of writing tightly plotted narratives with great leading ladies, which makes me want to do a Writer Retrospective for her.

Bel Ami/Pretty Man and Gender Roles – From the same blogger, some quick thoughts on IU’s current drama and how gender is depicted in it. I actually have differing thoughts on it: I only watched the first episode (though I want to watch more), but it made me think about how in it women get to do completely inappropriate things, like how IU basically stalks Jang Geun Suk’s character and invades his personal space, and how his teacher (a person in a position of power, supposedly) touches him while he’s sitting in her class, but the women are only allowed to do this because they are understood to be fundamentally nonthreatening. Their harmful acts and breach of someone else’s autonomy are portrayed as cute and funny instead of what they really are, much like the same acts would be protrayed as “manly” and “attractive” if a man were doing them. When a man does these things in a kdrama it adds to his power, but when a woman does them it highlights her lack of power. It feeds into a myth of women not being able to do the same harm men do, which is really just another way of essentializing women and making them less than human. And I know I’m ridiculously, out-of-this-world biased, but I really do believe that if someone like Yoon Shi Yoon were playing the lead male in this drama he would be able to bring a vulnerability to the character that would challenge the actions of the women in it in a way that Jang Geun Suk’s portrayal doesn’t. As he’s playing the character now, he suffers all this attention from a variety of women, but he doesn’t seem too affected by it. 

Outside Seoul’s Tumblr – She’s already got a lovely blog full of reviews of dramas that have finished airing and thoughts on Kim Woo Bin currently airing ones, but here you’ll find pithy remarks on all she’s watching. Right now she’s watching December Fever, which is actually one of Malta’s favs!

Space and Place in FBND – Yes I’m still writing and thinking about this drama. Tumblr user thiswontbebigondignity is doing a series on space and place in FBND, and this is her first installment, which focuses on Dok Mi’s apartment.

Smiling Girlfriends and Personality Draining in KDrama Leading Ladies – I’m not one for making sweeping generalizations about S. Korea and it’s gender politics (I like to keep my views on things I actually experience, i.e. kdramas) but I do sympathize with this writer’s sadness over Eun Ki’s transformation in Nice Guy.

Korean Lit in Translation – An American Prospect article that talks about some efforts in S. Korea to get the country’s literature recognized internationally. Dalkey Archive Press (woohoo indie presses!) has an entire series of Korean Lit books, and this blog reviews lots of Korean writers.


I Need Romance 3 Pics – Check out CJ E&M’s Facebook page for ridiculously cute pictures of Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon!

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