Queen In Hyun’s Man Episode Guide

Episode 1: In 1694 Jeseon Dynasty scholar Kim Boong Do works to reinstate Queen In Hyun, the rightful queen, to the throne and expose those who would have her killed in order to keep the scheming and murderous Lady Jang in power. In 2012 Choi Hee Jin auditions and lands the role of Queen In Hyun in a drama, all while dealing with her Hallyu star playboy ex and broken heels. A talisman the gisaeng Yoon Wol gives Boong Do sends him 300 years into the future–to 2012–where he meets Hee Jin.

Episode 2: Hee Jin encounters more trouble on set with Dong Min still trying to rekindle their romantic relationship and her arrogant new costar  accusing her of getting the job through favoritism; Min Am discovers the relationship between Boong Do and Yoon Wol and kidnaps her in hope of luring him out; Boong Do seeks help in figuring out the power of the talisman.

Episode 3: Stuck in 2012 and disoriented, Boong Do uses his wits and resolves to find Hee Jin retrieve the missing talisman. Hee Jin is meanwhile decides to find Boong Do on her own; she does and bonding and hilarity ensue. Dong Min, cad that he is, orchestrates a scandal involving Hee Jin and Na Jung in an effort to increase Hee Jin’s fame, which leads to an altercation between the two women.

Episode 4: Back in Joseon, Boong Do orchestrates Yoon Wol’s release and figures out that he can only go to the future by risking his life. In modern Seoul he is caught by Dong Min, who accues him of being a “psycho stalker” and threatens him with the police. Hee Jin helps him escape and takes him to the library so he can learn what happens in his future, where her romantic attraction to him grows.

Episode 5: Soo Kyung witnesses Hee Jin’s kiss and immediately takes her to task for risking another scandal, interrogating Boong Do and warning him of Hee Jin’s kissing tendencies. Both Hee Jin and Boong Do learn of his grim fate, but with the help of his talisman he outwits history.

Episode 6: Boong Do escapes an assassination attempt and travels to 2012 to a relieved Hee Jin, where he has to contend with her protective best friend/manager Soo Kyung and her egotistical ex boyfriend Dong Min. Hee Jin makes a confession.

Episode 7: Boong Do travels back to 1694 to take care of Min-am and speed up the process of re-instating Queen In Hyun to her rightful place, thereby changing history, while Hee Jin deals with the fall out of announcing to the world that Boong Do is her boyfriend. Dong Min nurses a bruised ego and Boong Do starts to try to thank Hee Jin for all that she’s done for him.

Episode 8: Soo Kyung helps Boong Do prepare a surprise for Hee Jin to thank her for all her help. Boong Do’s actions in 1964 have repercussions in 2012; Boong Do makes a promise to Hee Jin; the talisman is cut in half when Boong Do returns to 1694, which has serious consequences.

Episode 9: The talisman is cut in half in 1694, leading to Boong Do losing his memory and Hee Jin being left in an alternate reality in 2012.

Episode 10: Hee Jin fends off Dong Min while wrestling with doubts about reality and dreams while Boong Do finds it necessary to learn about the time he lost; Ja Su finds out about the power of the talisman.

Episode 11: Hee Jin and Boong Do (finally!) get back together, despite Soo Kyung’s best efforts; Hee Jin breaks up with Dong Min.

Episode 12: Hee Jin and Boong Do go on a date; Min-am and Ja Su hatch a plan to hurt Boong Do; Dong Min throws a fit; Boong Do makes a life changing decision.

Episode 13: Min-am’s plan goes into effect, which leaves Boong Do hurt and close to death and has  horrible consequences on the past. Hee Jin tries to protect her relationship with Boong Do.

Episode 14: Boong Do works to defeat Min Am once and for all and make his way back to Hee Jin.

Episode 15: Hee Jin and Boong Do enjoy being a couple, only to have the unthinkable happen; Boong Do has one last battle to win, and we get one answer to the question of the drama: “If we become lovers, what will the consequences be?”

Episode 16: Hee Jin is asked to narrate a documentary called “Queen In Hyun’s Man,”….and you’ll have to watch to know the rest! Trust me, it’s worth it.



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