A Gong Yoo/Park Tae In Appreciation Post

Because sometimes only a glut of pictures can do justice.

I’m currently visiting my very first kdrama actor crush, Gong Yoo, in an early drama of his, Biscuit Teacher Star Candy. I have mixed feelings about the drama so far–I find it to be at once a delightfully effervescent romantic comedy and an infuriating mix of character stereotypes and patriarchal norms. More on that later. But if there’s one thing that remains flawless and without reproach, it’s Gong Yoo’s face. Enjoy the pretty.

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  1. Judith

    whe I started watching Coffee Prince, I didn’t think he was all that cute, but I was in love with him by the end! I can’t find Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (subtitled) online anywhere, though. Frustrating.

    • ladida

      Hey, Judith! Here is where I’m currently watching it, if you’re ok with streaming instead of downloading. The picture quality is pretty clear, especially considering how everything else I’ve found is horrible. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Paula

    Yeah Gong Yoo! He’s one of my favorites. I really liked him with Gong Hyo Jin in this one. I think the student-teacher romance was secondary to the message of empowerment and community and Bo Ri really learning how to teach and learn from her students. You are right about Ji Hyun Woo. I at first liked him but more and more found him to be kind of an empty shell, and all the pictures he kept of her downright creepy. On the other hand, in the end I liked the treatment of Jen Ma. She became rather insightful.
    I found about half of the episodes on YouTube and watched the other half on MySoju – some better quality than others.


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