The King 2 Hearts Episode 3-4 Reflection

This one’s a mini…barely a reflection. Just unorganized ramblings from someone enjoying this show so much, it’s criminal. I think I’m actually making fan art?…Whatever.

First of all… Ja Hae made Hang Ah cry! (read: made Ha Ji Won cry). I am so gonna kick his butt!!! What a jerkface. He has some major redeeming to do. Ja Hae is on my sh*t list and it’s a long climb out of that hole.   >:(   I sometimes think each new jerkface lead male character they think up of has to outdo the last one.


So when did Lee Sung Min become kind of a swoon worthy ahjussi? This is frightening how easily I’m swayed by a uniform, some power and and royal title. Not to mention the fact that it’s all fake. Lee Sung Min use to be the guy that annoyed me in Pasta and happened to have been a supporting character in a bazillion (exaggerating, but many) dramas and films. Now he’s a dashing King who I fear will be assassinated.   >:(


This show just keeps being awesome…Girls Generations almost caused an international incident…ahaahahahaha. Their power is undeniable. Their will, inescapable. Just ask Kang Seok. LOL!

Hahaha. This drama makes me smile, a lot. Well, K2H is moving along at breakneck speeds towards the drama sweet spot. Umm, is our OTP getting engaged this week?


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  1. ripgal

    1st 2 episodes were OK, but last 3 and 4 made me smile laugh and cry! Admittedly this drama is not without its flaws (esp HJW’s NK accent, it’s really bugging me), but it makes a huge difference when it’s able to move me. The OTP setup is very cliche, but the political premise does add a lot of spice into it. Plus, who knew LSG could be this good with HJW? Seriously.

    • I was wondering about her accent. It’s all Korean to me. hehe ;) I like seeing the difference the show sets up between the North and South Koreans and how they try to solve the problems that come from them. Something about this show is just very entertaining to me. And I love the villain. I hope he stays crazy.

  2. the one that i really love about this show (and for the main appeal) is the twist and turn each moment, situation and condition, make us feel wiplash but still makes sense (in their world) and connect, LOL… It’s awsome how can they manage to makes me creeped out one minute, laugh so hard the next scene and make me cry in just one episode. it’s awsome feeling. I don’t get about some people who think this drama is boring. it’s awsome. Though i love equator man more because it’s my sentimental drama in wed-thurs line up. Hope they will keep up the quality. Unlike history of the salaryman where I’m abit dissapointed in later episode.

    • “It’s awsome how can they manage to makes me creeped out one minute, laugh so hard the next scene and make me cry in just one episode.”


      …Cry while watching Equator man then laugh…and cry watching The King 2 Hearts.

  3. Cosma

    I found your blog today and I already love it.

    Yeah, and I also think that those tonal shifts/shifts in mood, (I don’t know how to call them) are awesome. But I have a soft spot for such storytelling techniques in general.


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