Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince feels gives off the quintessential k-drama vibes to me starting off with the most impossible of impossible premisses. Its basically a fantasy, adventure, murder x2 mystery thriller about time traveling royalty set in Joseon era Korea and modern day Korea (and even NYC!), splashed with a healthy dose of comedy and the expectation of lots of romance hijinks. Oh, and there’s a time traveling F4…Is there anything this show is not?…Plausible? It’s like they couldn’t pick an idea so they took them all! It’s hard to explain the feeling I get from the drama, but there’s this feeling that the drama is conscience of trying to entertain the audience. It’s not a negative thing though, but one of the things I’ve always found endearing about kdramas.

Rooftop Prince feels like comfort food, despite the insane premise. Something tells me this drama won’t be lagging plot wise what with the spunky heroine, the confused Joseon Prince and the very evil villains. (If anything, it might suffer from too much going on and none of it making sense.) There are some pretty bad villains set up from the beginning. They are a bit cartoonish and there is some overacting on their part, but any show with Joo Won’s mother, Park Joon Geum, is bound to go into that territory. I just hope, sincerely hope she’s going back into comedy mode or am I mixing her up with her impersonator? Still. Hilarious.

After two episodes I’m convinced Micky Yoochun, who plays our Prince, needs to be in a serious sageuk. He looks very good in the historical costumes and even though I don’t speak Korean, based on my hours (upon ridiculous hours) of sageuk watching, I think he sounds pretty convincing. ;-) Ha Ji Min plays our heroine Park Ha. She seems like the typical kdrama heroine, downtrodden, but spunky and good natured. I just hope they don’t turn her into a rag doll who constantly gets stomped on by the villains. I’m hoping that won’t happen judging from the way she bosses our time traveling gang around.

Also on the cast is Lee Tae Sung playing the Prince’s rival Yong Tae Moo. I am happy to finally be watching a drama with Lee Tae Sung whom I’ve loved since he played “Duckie” in Playful Kiss (oh the long dwindling summer of 2010- good times). Unfortunately, he’s a villain in the story. There’s no getting around that, so while I like that he’s in this drama I will have to actively dislike his character because they made Duckie evil. WTH Show. Rounding out our leads is Jung Yoo Mi of Thousand Day’s Promise. Here she plays Hong Se Na, Park Ha’s sister. She’s also a bad apple although not quite as bad as Tae Moo. I’ve always found Jung Yoo Mi to be very sweet even with her lisp which so far has worked for the characters she’s played, but here in just two episodes I can really see myself hating her character. It’s always the sweetest people who make the best villains. I’m not sure why, but she’s able to pull it off. Her character is just plain old mean.

What I like best about Rooftop Prince is the comedy. The comedy didn’t really kick in till the second episode when our Prince and his gang are transported to 21st century Seoul. It really is pure comic gold. Just the confusion from not knowing what is going on might be enough to sustain the comedic aspect of the show if they are clever about it.

Who sticks out their butt like that when taking off their pants? LOL

Now for the verdict. Rooftop Prince is certainly charming, but I think I’m going to have to drop it…at least for now. Maybe I will come back to it on a day when I’m home sick. I just can’t stick with it with all the really great dramas on right now that I want to watch, namely The King 2 Hearts, Equator Man, and Marriage Plot (which I’ve yet to even start). Not to mention I haven’t even finished History of a Salaryman. Yikes.

omg…Kim So Hyun played a pint sized villain again! I’m not even over her jealous turn as Bo Kyung from The Moon that Embraces the Sun.

Abandon a 9yr old? Check. Scar the competition? Check. All in a hard days work for a child villainess.


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