Operation Proposal Ep. 15 and 16 Reflection

Episode 15

This whole episode I could see what was going to happen, but I didn’t want it to happen. How can Baek Ho love Yi Seul so much?… I know how. It’s because she is his only family, but I still have a hard time completely accepting what is happening. I guess he really just could not live without her.

What struck me most about this episode was the revelation that the Conductor is Baek Ho’s father. We saw this coming for some time, but when it did come, they really did a good job of playing it out. It just shows again that the weakest link in OP is the romantic relationship between Baek Ho and Yi Seul. When it comes to parental relationships or friendships the show gets it 100% right. (Mind boggling when the show’s premise is about Baek Ho winning over Yi Seul). Baek Ho’s reunion with his father was absolutely heartbreaking. I so wanted them to begin a time traveling, fantasy story of their own completely, independent of the whole Yi Seul situation, so that they could have plenty of time together to make up for the past. That’s another drama though, I guess.

Then of course we have the cliffhanger ending. I never thought for one second that they would actually kill off Baek Ho. I think the drama universe would implode had they brought Yi Seul back to life and killed off Baek Ho.

…does not compute.

The last scene with his the Conductor holding Baek Ho as he fights for his life was so poignant. It made sense that the conductor would show up at that time and it made the audience believe that Baek Ho might actually die. I was definitely crying by that point.


Episode 16

Of course I watched this immediately after episode 15. No way was I going to bed with that cliffhanger over my head. The final episode did a surprisingly good job of wrapping up Baek Ho’s story with the exception of one point. At the end of the episode I don’t really understand what made him regain his memory. Was it singing with Yi Seul, or was it when Yi Seul’s grandfather came and covered them with the banner?…Either way, I am happy to see Baek Ho finally get his girl. Most men would have given up by then and without regret!

I wish some of these events had occurred earlier around episode 12 or 13 which would have given us plenty of time to deal with Baek Ho’s amnesia and let us learn more about Yi Seul’s thinking and maybe actually want to root for her. The evil, vengeful type that I am, I really enjoyed seeing Yi Seul break down a bit and realize that Baek Ho wasn’t just some default position that would always be there in her life. I liked seeing her making an effort to gain his acknowledgement as opposed to because it was her plan to take care of him her way.

Jin Won proves that in love there are losers, but boy was he ever a graceful loser. I really disliked the fact that Yi Seul kept insisting that she had to be with Jin Won, when really the person she had to be with is Baek Ho and honestly by the end of the drama, nothing was keeping them apart, but Yi Seul’s own misguided stubbornness. So aggravating. It made sense though the way they addressed Jin Won backing out of his wedding with Yi Seul. The fact that he knew there were supernatural forces on Baek Ho’s side giving him chances made Jin Won’s resignation more believable.

I have to say, as much as I love Baek Ho as a character, in real life I would probably go for Jin Won. Not because he played the “perfect” man, but because he could admit defeat with grace, cry, be depressed, and then go on to live another day because that is what it takes to live- live for today and the promise of tomorrow. This is something Baek Ho could never do which I could not understand. Even when he was racing to save Yi Seul believing he was going to die, he left a video which he hoped would be played at her wedding. This video was a love confession (why this confession matters as opposed to the other ones, I can’t say…). Even in his “death” he couldn’t just let go. Of course though, when he “let go,” with his amnesia, is when Yi Seul immediately came running to him… How could Baek Ho believe Yi Seul or Jin Won could be happy if he had died and they saw that confession…at their wedding too? It would have been so heartbreakingly sad. I’m sorry, but that’s a WTF moment.

The Conductor’s words to Yi Seul, that what you do in the present, right now, matters more than what happened in the past, should have been said to Baek Ho. Granted the conductor did say this to Baek Ho, but I don’t know that he ever really learned that lesson. When Yi Seul heard those same words, they sank in and she immediately ran out looking for Baek Ho. She didn’t think, “If only I could go back in time, I could fix this.” Completely noted that Yi Seul has many other frustrating qualities, but she got this one right and Baek Ho finally got his girl.

Did Baek Ho and Yi Seul finally get together because of what Baek Ho did in the present or from saving Yi Seul during his last time travel? Or was it because of what Yi Seul chose to do after just one(!) meeting with the conductor. No time traveling even involved, mind you. How is it that Yi Seul seemed to learn the lesson that our hero Baek Ho should have? I’m puzzled.

One last note on Chan Wook and Jin Joo. They are so awesome. Jin Joo had one of the smaller supporting cast roles, but I loved watching her grow from a shy adolescent, traumatized by her parent’s death, to a wonderfully talented and successful woman who can so courageously and publicly confess her her love for Chan Wook. What a refreshing contrast to Yi Seul.

Closing time. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

That saying always makes me a little sad. We’ve finally come to the end with Baek Ho and Yi Seul. Although, I’m actually glad to be here because I don’t think I could have survived any more episodes of time traveling, I’m still a bit sad to see it end. This has been such a peculiar drama watching experience for me. I watched OP religiously since I started watching at about episode 6. There were so many parts of the drama that I really enjoyed and appreciated, namely Yoo Seung Ho and his heartbreaking portrayal of Baek Ho, but also so much frustration in the form of our irrational heroine.

This sums up my frustrations with OP:

These scenes were literally happening at the same time...this from the girl who claims, "you don't know anything." gahhhh!

Yi Seul makes no sense….

And this sums up all the the things I loved about it…fortunately the love out ways the frustration.

I’m always a little sad when a drama ends, even if it has a happy ending, we won’t get to see these characters anymore and how their stories continue. I would love to see more of Chan Wook and Jin Joo’s story. I would also like to see what happens to Jin Won. He’s so good at being heartbroken, it would be good to see him finally find the woman who really loves him.

But most of all, what I’ve taken away from this is that Yoo Seung Ho is a revelation. I mean, I knew he was talented before, but he pretty much carried OP. The rest of the cast was good and they certainly held up their end, but YSH was what kept me coming back and caring about the fate of Baek Ho and everyone else. He was so good at conveying all the pent of feelings of love, longing, loss, and the bit of happiness he had from his friends and Yi Seul. YSH was just in top shape. I don’t really follow the awards that are given out towards the end of the year, but he has got to be nominated for this role. OP has just barely ended and I can’t wait for his next drama. I heard a rumor he was going into the army early, but hopefully not too soon so he can get a few more projects in before he leaves us for a while.

Operation Proposal final verdict….frustrating, but overall worthwhile and memorable with some really stellar moments from Yoo Seung Ho.

✭✭✭✭✭ Operation Proposal ( Yoo Seung Ho)


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