Operation Proposal Episode 11 Reflection

First off, where is Jin Joo? More specifically where are the super cute moments from Jin Joo and Chan wook together? Huh show?…

OMG...cute and beyond awkward

So things have been humming along as (frustratingly) expected in Operation Proposal till we got to episode 11 and my head almost exploded. I kinda of knew it was coming with the introduction of Yoo Bin the team doctor who fancied herself in love with Baek Ho…then conveniently disappeared without even one scene after breaking up Baek Ho and Yi Seul. She served her purpose. Probably the worst side character in this drama. If only she were the only problem and not also our leads, in particular Ham Yi Seul, I could deal.

So after Yi Seul is shocked to see Yoo Bin putting the moves on Baek Ho, she runs away crying. I can understand this. I probably would have done the same. But I would not have run straight to Jin Won who conveniently appears when Yi Seul is in distress.

...maybe you guys are the OTP. I'm confused.

What exactly is the meaning of this Yi Seul? Why are you hanging out with Jin Won. I know he’s hot and he’s feeding you delicious pasta and giving you a rendition of ‘my first piano recital,’ but still. He’s not Baek Ho, the man who just confessed his passionate love for you followed by some making out in front of the fire, which you did not object to in the least bit. Stop making googly eyes with the coach when you’re in love with another man!

I can’t stand the plot line with Yoo Bin as the “scheming woman” after a man who obviously doesn’t give a rat’s behind about her. It’s so unimaginative and desperate. Totally lame. I also am annoyed by Yi Seul. She acts like she hasn’t known Baek Ho for his entire life. I know she’s got lots of mixed emotions, but I’m sorry, you trust the person you know first and foremost, not random scheming BS from some strange woman you don’t know. Gahhh! The boy already confessed his love to her and still she drops him like that. And what does she do? Runs into the arms of another man crying her eyes. What is the use of all that making out in front of the fire when you can’t even fight for your relationship?  I’m beginning to think there isn’t anything Baek Ho can do to keep her cause she doesn’t want to be there. Love takes 2 Yi Seul!

I’m all for flawed character’s, but there’s a fine line between the underdog you root for and a spineless pile of mush who can’t bother to even try to fight for the love she holds so deeply. I want to root for the heroine and lately I just can’t root for Yi Seul when she’s so apathetic even about her own love.

An enigma wrapped in an enigma...what exactly is going through her head?

I did crack up once though through all my frustration. When Baek Ho was “speeding” to the airport in a taxi and that’s of course when Grandpa decides to cross the street. Hilarious. All I could think was at least this show has a sense of humor, although it seems to involve torturing Baek Ho.

You're in for 5 more episodes of pain buddy


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  1. If I was her, My boyfriend had been kissed by another woman, I will kick her ass into the sunset, seriously, You have waited for years to become his girlfriend and you didn’t even have the guts to fight for your man? And What she did is running away??? Not to mention I really convince she saw Baek Ho rejected that kiss! So yeah, the problem is with Yi Seul.

    But i can see why the writers do this, maybe they want to make an original ending, That in the end he can’t fix his relationship with Yi Seul in the past, if so, It will be so unfair for Jin WOn, right? In the first episode, Yi seul and Jin WOn has already married for God SAke. I’m fine if the ending Baek Ho will not end up with Yi Seul. Because it’s his growth I root rom the start. I already not invested as much with their romantic relationship. They still be a friend, and I’m fine with it. But I agree with you, the execution at epi 11 is so lame…

    • I’d be happy if they didn’t end up together either… I can’t believe I’m saying that about a kdrama lead couple, but I just don’t see how they can get together after all the time traveling and misunderstandings. Saw episode 12 and it’s definitely better than the last two episodes. Despite how frustrated I get with this show, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what happens in the next 2 episodes.

      • IMO so far it still a good drama despite the OTP love’s story keep going circle…. But I really love the way they write Baek Hoo’s growth. It makes me have strong connection to his character. What I want to know is how they will handle Baek Hoo’s growth till the end and the mistery around conductor.


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