Kimchi Family Episode Guide

Family isn’t something that just happens. It needs time to cook and create memories like Kimchi ferments. Shared memories make a tradition and also a family. And so we have Kimchi Family. This is a gem of a drama. It has a typical premise which develops beautifully and unexpectedly into a heart-tugging suspense thriller.

Episode 1
Trouble seems to follow Ho Tae wherever he goes. He meets Kang San and they quickly butt heads, but Kang San isn’t quick to judge. The restaurant, Chunjin (Heaven, Earth and Man) seems to hold some answers to Ho Tae’s past. Handol Foods is busy making plans for Chunjin which they plan to buy.

Episode 2
Ho Tae has a reason to stay at Chunjin and a new nickname. Kang San makes a decision about her job. Bo Mi says Mom for the first time. Eun Bi no longer comes to eat at the restaurant. The Boss, Cho Dae Shik, continues to look for Ho Tae.

Episode 3
Eun Bi has heavy problems for a child, but the sister’s at Chunjin and Ho Tae are there to help her. A new chef arrives at Chunjin and Ho Tae doesn’t like him. Lee Ki Chan is in search of someone. Ho Tae tries to put the pieces of his past together.

Episode 4
The gang at Chunjin receives a mysterious package. Handol Foods still wants Chunjin as part of their new venture. A puzzling incident takes place at Chunjin. Ho Tae has suspicions about his relation to Kang San and Woo Joo. Chung Geum Joo is moved my the sisters at Chunjin.

Episode 5
Chunjin has some new business and a secret customer from the past. Ho Tae gets caught in the act. Ho Tae uses his contacts to solve Chunjin’s latest obstacle. He’s more connected to Handol Food than he realizes. Ho Tae is slowly regaining his childhood memories.

Episode 6
Kang San learns more about Ho Tae and his past. Hae Jun has a falling out with his parents. Handol Food’s family is a divided family. Ho Tae is on to Handol Foods scheme, but they are on to him. Ho Tae has some unwelcome guest at Chunjin. Ji Yun and her son face a new obstacle.

Episode 7
Kang san must deal with a mistake from the past. Handol’s Chairwoman visits Chunjin. Ho Tae is on to the President’s secretary Oh Tae Bok and the plan to destroy Chunjin’s business. The Chairwoman has a past connection to Chunjin.

Episode 8
Yun Ji recovers from her accident and she and Dae Yun head home. Yeon Guem waits at the restaurant again, but will anyone meet her this time? Woo Joo isn’t always sweet, sometimes she gets mad too. Ho Tae continues to care for Eun Bi who misses her mom. Kang Sang’s old Chef, Kim Hong Shik makes a visit.

Episode 9
Yun Ji has urgent financial problems. Woo Joo has an admirer. There’s a rift between the the President and the Chairwoman at Handol Foods. Ho Tae learns more about Oh Tae Bok. Kang San pushes Ho Tae to deal with some of his issues.

Episode 10
Chung Geum Ju’s  Mom is missing. Lee Ki Chan sends new ‘homework’ for his daughters. Hae jun feels conflicted about Chunjin. Ho Tae continues to investigate Tae Bok and learns some surprising details.

Episode 11
Detective Kang Chul Suk comes to Chunjin looking for Ho Tae, but sees someone unexpected. Yu Jong Ho from the Bank has a crisis. Ho Tae meets up with an old friend, Park Hyun Soo.

Episode 12
Ho Tae confronts Cho Dae Shik to save Yu Jong Ho. A night time guest is caught in the act. Ho Tae has a birthday. Ho Tae seeks the detectives help. Mr. Heo’s Fermented Fish shop is struggling and Handol Foods is ready to buy, but they won’t keep his conditions.

Episode 13
There’s a celebration at Chunjin. Even Hyun Soo is there to visit. Hyun Soo has a past connection to Hae Jun. There’s a scandal at Angel’s Home Orphanage and Kim Byung Kook, the orphanage director must confess his crimes. Dr. Han  and his wife are having problems. Even from the road, Lee Ki Chan continues to help his family and friends. The detectives are investigating the Robin Hood Kidnapper. Cho Dae Shik won’t go quietly and causes problems for Tae Bok and the President.

Episode 14
Ho Tae regains some of his memories, but they send him spiraling out of control. Dr. Han is having a hard time because of his marital problems. Tae Bok’s past is starting to catch up with him. Ho Tae returns to his orphanage to find out the truth.

Episode 15
Dr. Han works to reconcile with his wife. The Robin Hood Kidnapper strikes again making Ho Tae a suspected vigilante. The Chairwoman has doubts about her husband. Lee Ki Chan is having a hard time on the road. Ho Tae continues to investigate the amusement park incident. Cho Dae Shik makes a visit to Chunjin. Someone new comes to town and heads to Chunjin first thing.

Episode 16
Yukike is staying in town and has a connection to Chunjin. Handol Foods puts out a new patent. Woo Joo plays matchmaker with the Uncle Do Shik and Geum Joo. Hae Jun is feeling guilty towards Kang San. Ho Tae finally learns of his father’s fate.

Episode 17
Ho Tae struggles with the news about his father. Uncle Do Shik has regrets about the past. Hae Jun visit his parents and gains some understanding from his mother. The Chairwoman takes on Ms. An. Everyone is looking for Lee Ki Chan. Cho Dae Shik has his eye on Korean Cuisine Town and he loves hanging out at Chunjin. Ho Tae is closer than ever to finding out who he is.

Episode 18
Ho Tae must deal with finding out his identity. He continues to look for the family he can find leading him to unexpected places. The Guem Ju takes a chance and tries to be brave with love. It’s the Full Moon Day and everyone has their own wish. Ho Tae isn’t the only one digging up his past.

Episode 19
Ho Tae confronts the Chairwoman whose left confused. Yukiye is looking for her father and it brings her to Chunjin. The President has an informant. Cho Dae Shik is looking for a new partner and Handol stocks. Reporter Eun Ju has a connection to Ho Tae and his friend.

Episode 20
Ho Tae has it out with the Chairwoman. The Chairwoman is just beginning to understand what’s been happening. There’s a traitor feeding information to the President. Uncle Do Shik must find the courage to tell the truth. Tae Bok is caught between a rock and hard place. Hae Jun tries to figure what is going on between Chunjin and his family. Rumors are out that Lee Ki Chan is coming home. Eun Ju visits Chunjin.

What an insanely powerful episode. The first 15 minutes are so intense.

Episode 21
Ho Tae and Hae Jun go out for a drink. The sisters are still worried about their dad who still hasn’t come back. Uncle Do Shik goes on a date. The Chairwoman vows to protect her own. The President has some new schemes in the works. Detective Kang has his doubts about his partner Cho Mi Nam. Mr. Sul’s test have come back. The sisters hear news of their father. Tae Bok has a bullseye on his back.

Episode 22
There’s a bittersweet homecoming at Chunjin. Ho Tae doesn’t trust Cho Min Nam who’s obviously after him. Tae Bok is missing. Ho Tae goes to see Byung Soo a mutual friend of his and Hyun Soo. Ko Sun Woo was a very kind man. Ho Tae is worried about Hyun Soo who has disappeared.

Episode 23
Ho Tae is stuck with Tae Bok. Lee Ki Chan’s condition isn’t getting any better. Hae Jun finds the strength to tell the truth and learns that others have secrets too. Hyun Soo is a loose cannon and everyone is looking for him.

Episode 24
Hae Jun is in danger. Hyun Soo must face his demons and find the strength to forgive. Mr. Sul goes to stay at Chunjin. The President may still remain above the law. Ho Tae can finally make Kimchi.


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