Operation Proposal

Ho Hum…I’m cranky and listening to Radiohead. My crack drama ended and ladida is off obsessing about an American show that shall presently remain nameless. TT

Kimchi Family ended last week and I inevitably had a little depression. So in my dire need to fill the gaping hole left by that drama I decided to pick up Operation Proposal (OP), mostly because of  Yoo Seung Ho. I have no fantasies of OP being as good as Kimchi Family was, they are really are two different kinds of dramas. Operation Proposal is about Baek Ho who realizes on the day of his best friend’s wedding that he regrets never telling her how he feels about her. But he gets a second chance through some fantasy time traveling hijinks and has the chance to change his past and win Yi Seul’s heart, but easier said than done.

Yoo Seung Ho. Wow, so incredibly talented. I kept watching through the first few episodes because he made Baek Ho seem like a really good guy even though he’s a complete coward when it comes to love and a bit clueless in life. He’s the heart of the show and the narrator who leads us through his time traveling adventures in pursuit of Yi Seul.

Yi Seul is a blushing bride and Baek Ho broods, "how can jdorama redux + time travel x baseball = love?" It's kdrama fuzzy math. That's how.

At first I was annoyed, like many, by the snail paced progression of Baek Ho and Yi Seul’s relationship. When will these two get together? Never. But then I realized that if I was going to watch this drama and enjoy it as opposed to ripping out all my hair, I needed to focus on what’s really great about the drama and not the lead’s romantic relationship. Difficult when the entire show’s premise rest on the guys journey to get the girl. But I found that what I’m really enjoying about OP are the friendships between Baek Ho, Yi Seul, Chan Wook, Tae Nam, and Chae Ri. High school was a dreaded time in my life. I’m exaggerating, but only a little so the fact that this group of friends has sold me on the nostalgia of high school days is really a feat.

The scenes with the all the friends hanging out are the best. They really care for each other and have great friendships.

Also compelling is Baek Ho’s journey learning about himself and getting a second chance at the things he regretted. They all have something to do with Yi Seul, but at the same time, go beyond just her. I appreciate that at least when Baek Ho’s not doing what he’s suppose to be doing, getting the girl, he’s working on changing something meaningful in his life like his dream of playing baseball. OP has a great sports metaphor running throughout the drama. Baseball is actually integral to the story and the characters, and even brings in moving secondary characters that could easily have been played for cheap drama.

Baek Ho finds forgiveness and earns the right to stand on the baseball mound.

On the romantic front I’ve been most interested in Chan Wook and Jin Joo. They are so cute together! This is the first time I’ve ever thought a head pat was cute and really a sign of affection. I’ve always thought it was weird to pat a person you like on the head when patting on the head is something you usually do to dogs or…children. Anyway I’m anticipating some further development in their relationship and I know it’s going to be adorable. And I have a new actor on my radar, Go Kyung Pyo who plays Chan Wook.  Chan Wook is  so adorable even without Jin Joo and I think it has a lot to do with the actor. Chan Wook is basically the ultimate nice guy and I always fall for the nice guys. Many people have commented on how Go Kyung Pyo resembles Super Junior’s Choi Siwon. There’s a resemblance. That, I’m begrudgingly willing to admit, but I won’t go any further.

I’ve also been intrigued by Yi Seul’s relationship with Jin Won, Baek Ho’s romantic rival. I kind of disliked him when he first showed up as a high school baseball coach. He graduated from Harvard business school and decided to become a high school baseball coach (wow, ok). Jin Won was arrogant and rough. He came out of nowhere spoiling the bonding good-times our operation gang was having. Then of course I started liking Jin Won because he is basically the only adult in the drama besides the parents. And he’s hot.

Why so cute?! Absolutely killing me with that smirk. Gah! If smirks could kill...

Baek Ho is suppose to be an adult, but really he acts like a kid in high school (Baek Ho not Yoo Seung Ho who’s Daebak x 10). I’m worried that I will start to like the Jin Won-Yi Seul pairing better than Baek Ho and Yi Seul together. This would break Baek Ho’s heart, but I just don’t feel any electric chemistry from Baek Ho and Yi Seul. Every couple doesn’t need fireworks, but even with timid Jin Joo and her clueless sunbae Chan Wook, there’s a little bit of that stomach turning excitement that comes from two people who have a connection.  I can’t go down that second lead syndrome road though. I don’t think this is the type of drama to pull a My Best Friend’s Wedding and leave our Baek Ho without his girl.

Everyone in OP seems to be paired up including Chae Ri and Tae Nam who usually provide some comedy, but they each have sincere moments of happiness and disappointment.

So on with the time traveling! Off to episode 8. I hope our leads can get even a little closer to admitting they like/love each other. I like to think that if I had the chance to go back in time and get the guy I regret letting go that I would be totally proactive about it unlike Baek Ho. Episode 1- “I like you. I miss you. Let’s date.” Hug, kiss and end scene. But really I’d probably just get distracted watching kdramas playing baseball…in the past.

Just get together already!


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  1. ladida

    It shall not remain nameless! It’s the Samcedes & Klaine Show! I mean, Glee. It’s Glee. (Hides under blanket.)

    Buy yeah. Proposal Daisakusen is one of my jdorama favs, and from reading your reflection here I can see its lingering vestiges on the Korean version. I’ve found that the romance in jdoramas tend to progress more slowly than in kdramas, and that sometimes it’s more about friendship than romantic love. Proposal Daisakusen struck a nice balance, showing us how great our leads were as friends, but also enticing us with the potential of how equally awesome it would be if they hooked up. It was this delectable high school cotton candy confection: wonderful while you’re eating it, but does more for your tongue than your stomach.

    It’s a good thing Yoo Seung Ho is such a good actor, because it all hinges on the audience being able to like/identify with our male lead, since it’s all from his perspective, and not at all from hers. Yamapi’s a pretty flat actor, but it was the camaraderie and life-long friends atmosphere that really made the show. I remember my favorite episode was the one with the grandfather…and the first kiss! I probably won’t watch the Korean version, but maybe I’ll check out the scenes with the secondary couple (which is what I should have done with Wild Romance). They sound cute!

    Proposal Daisakusen

  2. Heee I’m the opposite, I really touched by their relationship who support each other in the initial episode. I remember I get teary eyes around ep 3 just because their relationship touch me so bad… oh the beauty of have best friend since chillhood.

    It’s from ep 7 onward their relationship keep around circle, and I’m no longer cared about the OTP. In my eyes this drama is not about The otp to get together. It’s about Baek Ho’s growth that I root for… I love his character so freakin much, I’m not even Yo Seung hoo’s fan before. He is such a well written character. His progression to become a better person is so smooth and touched my heart. I often got teary eyes just watching him trying.
    Oh not to mention I love his voice… His voiceover is total WIN!


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