Kpopped and I Just Can’t Stop – Part II

So what’s on my Kpop music list? Here are my loves and my guilty pleasures.

First up are my pure pop sensations. They’re pretty well known mainstays of Kpop.


I love them because they have such a wonderful mix of personalities who are individually talented. Each of the members are so interesting. My favorite is Tae Yang because he was the first South Korean artist I came across randomly years ago before I knew anything about Kdramas, Kpop, or BIGBANG. Close behind are T.O.P and G-Dragon (a pop cultural phenomenon all on his own). And Daesung and Seungri have such wonderful voices. Overall though BIGBANG reminds me of my high school days fangirling over N’Sync so there’s this weird kind of nostalgia about them that I enjoy that really cannot be underestimated.

Tonight is a song that should not have worked, but somehow it did and spectacularly at that. Very international, 21st century, mixed-genre pop. How do you pull that off. Well if you’re BIGBANG then with style ala let’s destroy some guitars!

I LOVE these guys! This song makes no sense considering how many genres and styles it blends…It makes about as much sense as a blonde haired Korean guy, sporting Native American inspired fashion, dancing in a Nevada desert. But you can do that when your name is G-Dragon. ^^


They have such presence and personality and they are immensely talented. Park Bom has one the most clear and constant voices I’ve ever heard. I love watching these ladies perform and I love their particular brand of international dance pop. They really know how to command a stage. I love when artist are just good at what they do and these ladies are good. 2NE1 also presents a positive and strong image of womanhood that presents a real pop image alternative to the Lolita types which I loath a thousand times over.

Girl power for the new millennium. What’s not to love? This is my favorite song of theirs.

Special shout out to Park Bom! Incredible how she can own the stage with just her voice. This song could easily be a Top 40 hit in the US if it were in English. It’s a great pop ballad and she sings it well.


Hello, hello!

Ahhhh! Pure guilty pleasure. Sure these guys can sing the heck out of a melody, but I just love their confection-laden pop hooks. Hello and Replay are my favorite songs of theirs.

Noona you are so pretty,
Boys won’t leave you alone
Honestly, I know your shaking feelings
To you I know this love is one moment, one feeling
But no matter what is said, this is my life’s everything

Maybe you are worried about my young age
But look into my eyes, what is it telling you?
and I think I’m gonna hate it girl
if the end comes
Your heart will tell you, regardless of what others say


Ah ah, beautiful you
ah ah, I know has yet to find
with anyone a sincere love
ah ah, Although its such a waste
ah ah, I have given to you
at such a young age sincere love
can you not accept it?

So cute! How can I resist? I can’t, I’m defenseless. Also, this song sounds like a mini noona romance kdrama, so that’s a bonus. Shinnee also reminds me of Soul for Real’s 90’s hit Candy Rain… even a young Bobby Brown or New Edition. I just keep thinking…

“You’re so cute, but what do you know about love?! You’re a kid!” Anyway, they make me smile.

Lee Hyori

I don’t know much about her girl group days in Fin.K.L., but I love the present Lee Hyori especially her sexy, grown-up persona in Want Me Back, my favorite song of hers from the album H-Logic. Unfortunately seven of the tracks from H-Logic, produced by Bahnus, a South Korean composer and producer, are accused of being plagiarized. These accusations have turned out to be true. Accusations of plagiarism seem somewhat common in Kpop and some are real while others are just people looking for what isn’t there. But Lee Hyori is my girl. Love her

She’s so sexy!

Um Jung Hwa

I don’t actually have any songs of hers, but I enjoy watching her performances. I know her as more of an actress, but one thing is, she’s definitely a performer with a well crafted personae. Always entertaining and she’s way cute so I have this weird soft spot for her even though her music is not quite my taste.

She’s so crazy! There’s something very Kylie Minogue about her…maybe it’s the tights. I don’t know, but it works for her.

Thank you YouTube for making this post possible. Next up is Part III- R&B, Hip Hop and Rap all stars! Visit Part I


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  1. ladida

    GDeeeeee!!!!!!! And BigBang is having a world tour. But yeah, I’m more into GDTOP than Big Bang, and I’m more into GD than GDTOP. He’s the zenith of my fangirling.

  2. Judith Haemmerle

    You picked one of the silliest (in concept) Big Bang videos, and it’s delightful. Not so delightful are the ones with rape and murder in them. But they are my favorite group; I’m partial to Daesung, and his extraordinary ballad, “Baby, Goodbye.” Love Shinee – they’re all so pretty and fun to watch that it’s easy to overlook Jonghyun’s voice – until you hear Y Si Fuera Ella. (and yes, I LIKE emo!) Have you seen Fat Cat? You’ll love the lyrics- Korea’s Lady Gaga.


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