Go Back Whence you Came!

Why so smug, huh?


Kang Jong Hee! This chick is squarely in my bullseye, ready to be unceremoniously lumped in with Han Yoo Kyung (Cha Soo Yeon) of A Thousand Kisses A Thousand Hugs  ¬¬  infamy; Oh Yoon Joon (Jo Yoon Hee) from Lie to Me; Yoo Hee Jin (Jung Ryu Won, whose currently doing an awesome turn in History of a Salaryman) from My Name is Kim Sam Soon; and the list goes on and on.

“Don’t you know that first loves are FOREVER?”

These mysterious women from the past share several characteristics. They have been out of our hero’s life for some time, maybe even several years; they had a problematic parting usually involving a misunderstanding that would be difficult to replicate in the non-Kdrama world because of technology such as phones and email or the postal service; the mysterious woman from the past usually holds a strong belief that our hero has been diligently waiting for her sustaining himself on cacti juice in the desert as she gets her life together and returns to him- she’s confused and distressed  o.O when she finds out things might have changed in the 3, err 8 years she was gone. Here is some advice ladies– don’t leave the man you love for years at a time without explanation, but with loads of unresolved emotions. Or how about you just don’t leave the man you love, period. Don’t leave him.

Gah! These ladies leave me exasperated…

Go back whence you came! Whether that be Paris, London, New York, California or America. Just go.

This bring us to Wild Romance, a comedy about a less-than-loved baseball player, Park Mu Yeol (Lee Dong Wook), and his reluctant bodyguard, Yoo Eun Jae (Lee Si Young), who happens to be his biggest antifan. Since this is a kdrama, these two will be getting together after a good bit of LOL bickering. Haha, love it. It’s my kind of potential kdrama gold! Wild Romance has been chugging along quite swimmingly with OTP hijinks galore and plenty of bonus second lead OTP highjinks as well.  But then episode 7 came along and that brief joyful moment when all our leads were happy together was crushed! And the dreaded mysterious woman from the past appears. This is one of my least favorite drama tropes that literally makes my eyes roll to the back of my head.

In Wild Romance, our mysterious woman from the past is Kang Jong Hee, who judging from her greeting, very publicly still lays claim to Park Moo Yul. Needless to say, I don’t like her. And yes, I’m very aware that I’ve taken the kdrama bait, hook-line-and-sinker. I am 100% invested in our OTP and I can’t wait for them to get together, so I’m unnaturally biased against Jong Hee. (But hey, life in a kdrama isn’t fair). I expected Wild Romance to be balls-out-comedy and it has been so far, but it’s also managed to have a tremendous amount of heart and a story that makes sense enough for me to go along for the ride. I love our heroine Eun Jae who is sincere, endearing and very believable as a spastic tomboy who loves baseball and her team, the Seagulls, and hates Park Mu Yeol and his team, the Dreamers. So getting back to the point, Kang Jong Hee gets in the way of my OTP getting together through baseball analogy ridden, comedy hijinks. This. is. a. problem.

Kang Jong Hee! Don’t touch my OTP!

Retard…what’s wrong? Why get so personal

>You not moving on is a problem for me!


>I don’t know where it got messed up. I like you…I like you. If there is still fate, my fate is you.

Lee Si Young's performance as Eun Jae is so good. Her eyes are so expressive, I can't help, but feel for her. Wake up Mu Yeol! The woman loves you!

What?!!!! Yoo Eun Jae! I am impressed! You may be my new hero. I quote, “If there is still fate, my fate is you.” Given the trajectory of their conversation, that statement is even more serious than saying I love you. It’s an admission of a lifetime of loyalty. They were just talking about Eun Jae’s father and his love for her mother for 15 years. Eun Jae argued that even that had changed (unlikely given Dad’s date, but besides the point).

I’m spastic right now. Wild Romance is just hitting all the right notes for me and I can’t wait till next week although I’m a little afraid. That white cat is creepy and him tearing up a picture of Mu Yeol and Jong Hee– doubly creepy!



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  1. ripgal

    Jong Hee should disappear from the face of earth. ARHHHH… the minute she jumped on my Wookie..err.. Mu Yeol, I was like, STAY THE F OFF MY MAN grrrr….

    We only need moments like the end of Ep 8 and all will be good.

  2. ladida


  3. Totally agree with you…. these ladies all want to make me smack my head against the wall. I hate this kind of character. I don’t hate Jessica quite as much (now, by ep. 14), but she really bores me. Her character just isn’t interesting. Yook Kyung… the less is said about her (and ATK), the better! And Yoo Hee Jin – I have found myself incapable of watching anything with Jung Ryu Won in it since she played that role. That’s probably unfair, but by the life of me I could not understand what was going on in the brain of that character, thinking that after years of absolute silence she still had any claims on the guy and pulling the pity card because of her illness. No no no!
    By the way, I like the way you guys write! :-)

    • Thanks alua! These last two episodes of Wild Romance did not have enough Eun Jae for me. Way too much focus on Jong Hee. ladida thinks it’s because of the fandom surrounding snsd’s Jessica…so yeah. There are a lot of unstable people in the show right now. I’m hoping they can wrap it up well in the last 2 episodes, although I don’t know how they are going to do it. I really want some cute OTP time and I better not be denied!

  4. dana

    Yes, I really get mad at the script writers when thy bring in this ladies form the past, all beautiful but ill/sick and wants us to believe that they deserve to have the man more than the girl from present times. Memories can not build the future.


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