Ojakgyo Brothers Episode Guide (2011-2012)


[Guide to the guide:  (???) – confusion run amok • (♥♥♥) – my heart is bursting with love • (:D) – happiness abounds • (>: [ ) – fists of rage • (!) – omo! • (”’) – crying forever and ever  • * – My commentary]

Episode 1: We are introduced to the Hwang family, who have lived on and cultivated Ojakgyo Farm for the past ten years, and learn that they are farming it on a soon-to-run-out ten-year contract, a fact the father in the family, Hwang Chang Shik, had kept from his wife, Park Bok Ja.

Episode 2:

Episode 3: Bok Ja is angry that Chang Shik lied to her about the farm; Tae Hee accidentally/falsely arrests Ja Eun and while at the police station Ja Eun learns that her dad’s boat has sunk and is left in a state of shock while Chang shik and Bok Ja are relieved; Ja Eun’s stepmother abandons her.

Episode 4: After discovering her father’s contract, Ja Eun goes to Ojakgyo Farm with intentions of selling it; Tae Hee works on a backdoor college admissions case; Tae Bum and Su Young work together on a story.

Episode 5: Chang Shik invites Ja Eun to live with the family; Ja Eun confronts her stepmother; Su Young and Tae Bum get drunk and sleep together; Su Young’s parents’ fighting escalates.

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9: Ja Eun confronts Tae Hee and calls the Hwangs a family of thieves; Bok Ja’s guilt mounts; Su Young discovers she’s pregnant; Mi Sook tricks Tae Shik into remembering her; Ja Eun, at the end of her rope, gets smashingly drunk and goes on a rampage, alienating her friends and destroying the farm.

Episode 10: Bok Ja has Ja Eun arrested–she refuses to let Chang Shik bail her out, so Tae hee goes instead, taking the opportunity to rebuke her for her actions; Mi Sook tries to look pretty for Tae Shik; Ja Eun goes to Tae Hee for advice; Su Young proposes marriage to Tae Bum.

“You don’t belivee your father is alive, do you? That’s why you live like this, doing whatever you want. The only thing you know how to do is throw a tantrum. You trust your pretty face, thinking you can do as you please, but your face won’t work for you anymore because you’ve been accused of backdoor college admittance. Ask any stranger on the street. My parents have worked on that farm for ten years, breaking their backs, and you have no contract, no legal rights. Who’d be willing to give the farm up? Ask anyone on the street. A father who gave a $5,000 watch to a professor in charge of admittance at the college where his daughter was accepted. Was that daughter accepted illegally? Ask anyone on the street. You refuse to face your problems…You want to get your farm back, right?Don’t lie. You’re just angry and you’re throwing a fit. Your rice bowl was turned over but you’re not thinking of turning it right side up, you’re just looking at the upturned bowl and getting angry.  Even a three year old kid don’t act the way you’re acting when they really want something. So give up the farm. It would be better for you to marry yourself off, or find some easier way to live, I hope we never meet again.” Hwang Tae Hee

Episode 11: Ja Eun decides to get Ojakgyo Farm back by winning Bok Ja over; Tae Pil tries to coach Tae Shik in romance; Su Young and Tae Bum continue to argue about marriage; Tae Pil resents Tae Hee for giving JaEun advice and they fight; Bok Ja prepares to have her ducks shown to a potential buyer.

Episode 12: Bok Ja grows even more antipathetic towards Ja Eun but is forced to allow her to stay because of gossiping neighbors; the family begins to suspect Bok Ja might have stolen the contract; Tae Hee boss tells him to lay off the backdoor admissions case; Tae Bum explains his reluctance towards marriage; Tae Hee and Tae Pil discover Su Young’s pregnancy.

Episode 13: Bok Ja’s guilt reaches a peak when she humiliates and  falsely accuses Jae Eun of being a thief; Bok Ja begrudgingly allows Ja Eun to work with her on the farm; Nam Yeo Eul, Su Young’s aunt, arrives in Seoul from NYC; Bok Ja figures out that Su Young is pregnant.

” This is the first piece of land I’ve ever owned. This is the first home I’ve had that has belonged to me. The poverty, the debt, rental homes, being harassed by debt collectors–this is the first real home we’ve had and it’s so wonderful. The orchard and the yard. It isn’t very much, but I loved it so much and I was so excited to have it that I laughed and planted all day long. I piled each brick one atop the other to build this house. I didn’t even realize how happy I was. What makes a mother happiest is being able to cook delicious food to give to her precious children. During the first harvest for the pear orchard, I felt even better than that. Those trees, they aren’t just, pear trees–they’re my babies. This home, it’s not just a home–it’s my body. I’m not saying this because this place has worth and it would be a waste to give it away, I’m not saying this because of money. Even when this land wasn’t worth very much, from the very beginning,  it was mine. If someone had offered me thousands of dollars for it, I still wouldn’t have sold it. Even if the President asks me to hand it over, I won’t. How can I give this farm away? This farm, this place, is my life.” Park Bok Ja.

Episode 14: The rest of the Hwang family discover Su Youg’s pregnancy and Chang Shik is furious; Jae Eun and Bok Ja tentatively begin to bond; Su Young tells her family she’s pregnant; Tae Bum agrees to get married.

“Hyung, you were never abandoned by a parent, that’s why you’re like this, because you don’t know what kind of pain you would spend your childhood in. If Su Young decides to have the baby…I hope that baby never feels what I’ve felt.” Hwang Tae Hee 

Episode 15: Tae Pil and Yeo Eul run into each other at a business conference; Tae Bum and Su Young agree to have a contract marriage; Bok Ja and Ja Eun work to save the pears on the farm from disease; Tae Hee continues to work on the back door admissions case; the Chas visit the Hwangs; Tae shik learns more about Mi Sook; Ja Eun falls sick and Bok Ja cares for her.

Episode 16: Bok Ja and Ja Eun grow closer as the one cares for the other; Su Young tries to get her mother to accept Tae Bum; Tae Bum formally introduces himself to Su Young’s parents; Mi Sook helps Tae Shik pick out a present for Ye Jin; Ja Eun defends Bok Ja from Grandmother and they snoop around a neighborhood farm together; Tae Hee gets drunk and stumbles into Ja Eun’s tent.

“Ajumma your hand is very warm. It feels just like mother’s hand…You didn’t use magic did you? Suddenly my stomach doesn’t hurt at all. Is this why people say that a mother’s hand is like medicine?…This is my first time that someone has rubbed my stomach to help me with my cramps. My stomach always hurts when I get my period, but I never had anyone to tell because my dad is a man…Thank you. It’s better now, I feel better now. Thank you, thank you, Ajumma.

Episode 17: Su Young’s mom demands that Tae Bum kneel before her; Yeo Eul buys a store from her (seeming) friend; a drunk Tae Hee falls asleep in Ja eun’s tent; guilt starts to gnaw at Bok Ja; Ja Eun discovers her stepmother’s whereabouts.

Episode 18: The in laws formally meet one another; Ja Eun and Bok Ja bond while taking care of the chicks; the local Hwang men have a get together at the local outdoor food stand without Tae Hee; Tae Bum and Su Young get married; Tae shik gets alarming news from Angelica.

Episode 19: Tae Shik is shocked to learn he has a nine year old son and he scrambles to contact Angelica; Su Yung and Tae bum move into their new apartment and are awkward with each other; Ja Eu asks Bok Ja to allow her to be her daughter; Tae Bum fights with his in laws; Tae Hee confronts the police chief and tells him to own up to his crime; Tae Pil discovers Bok Ja stole the contract.

“From what I see, Ahjumma’s chores are too much. Cooking for everyone, washing clothes, doing the cleaning all by yourself, washing the dishes, working on the farm, taking care of the ducks. But nobody in the family helps you. Ajusshi helps with the farm but when you come back you still have to do housework. It’s unfair. It’s too pitiful. So I want to help you.” Baek Ja Eun

Episode 20: [Reflection] Tae Pil agonizes over his discovery of Bok Ja’s lie; Su Young’s mom demands tat Yeo Eul give up the store; Tae Bum fights with Su Young’s mother over personal space; Ja Eun moves into the house; Yeo Eul aks Tae Pil for business advice; Tae Shik runs amok trying to contact Angelica; Guk Soo arrives (♥♥♥); Tae Pil confronts his mother.

Episode 21: Tae shik takes Guk Soo to a hotel, where he calls Tae Bum in for help; Su Young’s mom finds a picture of Tae Bum’s ex and confrnts him; Ja eun is cornered by loan sharks after her stepmom; Ja Eun gives Tae Hee some advice on optimism; Tae Shik asks Mi sook to look after Guk Soo; Chang Shik discovers Bok Ja’s lie.

“You’re doing again. You’re being unfair. I just opened up to you and told you all that embarrassing stuff–why do you think I told you about my stepmom? I did it to hear your story. So tell me–why were you angry?”

“For me, even after being stepped on, I still think it’s better to take a chance and trust people and get stepped on. Not trusting someone and then being betrayed anyway, you’ll be even angrier and feel more foolish. Ajusshi, don’t regret having trusted someone.” Baek Ja Eun

Episode 22: [TW: colorism/racism/xenophobia] Tae Pil and Chang Shik confront Bok Ja; Su Young’s mom confronts Tae Bum about his ex; Ja Eun and Tae Hee have a flick-the-forehead contest; Mi Sook agrees to look after Guk Soo; the Hwangs harvest and Su Young comes for a visit; Su Young discover’s Hye Ryeoung’s photo; Tae Pil starts being nice to Ja Eun; Ja Eun’s stepmom finds out about the farm and confronts the Hwangs.

“So from the beginning who allowed you to lie to me?! If you’d told me from the start that it was Director Baek’s farm, then for ten years, those heart-felt feelings, the sweat, the tears, the blood, would not have been spent. Why did you lie to me? Why did you lie to me? Why did you lie to me from the start? Who wants that kind of comfort? Why must you lie to me? For ten year I’ve been crying, washing, and loving my kids like crazy and within one day you want me to hand it all over.” Park Bok Ja

Episode 23: Bok Ja defends the fram and Ja Eun from her stepmother; Tae Pil tells the brothers about Bok Ja’s lie; Bok Ja goes to visit her mother’s grave; the Hwangs decide to return the farm and move out; Yeo Eul recruits Tae Pil to manage her store; Tae Bum makes an effort to be kinder to Su Young; Ja eun gives Tae Hee a present and he tells her about his parentage.

Episode 24: Tae pil finds out about Guk Soo; Tae hee and Ja eun are cute with each other; Tae Bum scrambles to find money for the family to move; Bok Ja takes Ja Eun out for a day before she tells her about the stolen contract; a new character–Kim Jae Ha–arrives; Ja Eun’s mother comes to the house and for the contract; Ja Eun finds out about Bok Ja’s theft and lie.

Episode 25: Ja Eun is in shock after finding out Bok Ja stole the contract and her stepmother takes her away; Tae Hee confronts his mother about stealing the contract; Su Young stands up to her mom; Tae Bum tries to find $20,000 to help his family move off the far and Su Young secretly gives his dad the money; Mi Sook makes Tae Shik bring Guk Soo home and reveals a secret of her own; Tae Bum treats Su Young to a lunch out (♥♥♥); Kim Jae Ha continues to badger Tae Hee; Ja Eun returns to the farm to confront Bok Ja.

“Last time you asked me if I would treat you differently if you were Tae Pil. Can I ask you the same question today? Do you know how sad it makes me whenever you refuse to talk to me about how you feel? I always wonder if you’re like that because I’m not your real brother.” Hwnag Tae Bum

Episode 26: Ja Eun packs her things and orders the Hwangs to vacate the house within the month; Ja Eun tells Tae Hee to stay away from her; Su Young and Tae Bum compete to get a news story; Bok Ja falls sick; Tae Pil and Yeo Eul are sweet to Guk Soo (♥♥♥♥♥♥””””); Tae Hee apologizes to Bok Ja; Su Young’s mother finds out about Guk Soo when Tae Pil takes him to work; Kim Jae Ha contacts Ja Eun with a job offer; the family finds out about Guk Soo; Tae Hee confesses to Ja Eun.

“Why didn’t you tell me? You could have told me the next day, or the day after that. You had plenty of time to tell me… Did you know? I liked you, Ajusshi, from the very first day. My heart kept thumping whenever I saw you. I didn’t know you were two-faced like this. You were the one who taught me how to change Ajhumma’s heart. You were the one who taught me that if I really believed that my dad was still alive, then I needed to live my life right. When I needed help the most, you were the only one who held out a hand to me. That’s why I asked you to buy me coffee. Did you really think I did that just because I wanted a drink? I really trusted you, I had no doubts. After my father, you were the only man I was that way with. Why does each and every person I trust betray me? Appa left me without a word, you and Ajhumma betrayed me, too. There must be something wrong with me, right? I must be too immature, too easily attached to people. It’s my fault for being trampled on and being too trusting, right?” Baek Ja Eun

Episode 27: The family reacts to their discovery of Guk Soo; Ja Eun rejects Tae Hee’s confession; Yeo Eul and Tae Pil convince Su Young’s mom to let them open the store; Su Young’s sunbae, Director Gong, comes to IBC; Ja Eun has a drunken encounter at Ojakgyo Farm and agrees to meet Kim Jae Ha.

Episode 28: Tae Shik accuses Mi Sook of trying to sabotage his relationship with Ye Jin; Tae Shik asks Bok Ja to raise Guk Soo; Yeo Eul and Tae Pil open the store; Director Gong fixes a mistake Tae Bum made, which just fuels his jealousy; Tae Hee gives a final farewell to Ja Eun, confronts Tae Shik about foisting Guk Soo on their mother, and finds out Kim Jae Ha’s true identity.

“I will do what you want. I won’t bother you again. For making you uncomfortable and giving you a hard time, I’m sorry, I apologize. Sorry for acting on my own and for being selfish. I won’t do that again. I won’t stand guard outside your door and I won’t show up unexpectedly anymore. Not doing anything at all, that’s what I should be doing, I understand that now. The feelings I have for you, I will make an effort to cleanly settle them. I’ll also settle my work with the animation studio quickly so that we won’t have to meet anymore. So you should go ahead and start working there; it was what you wanted. But, what you said about acting like we don’t know each other if we ever run nto each other, is that something you still want? If it’s ok with you I wanted to act like friends who just ask how the other is doing… Ok. I got it. I understand. I just wanted to see your face and say goodbye. Take care.” Hwang Tae Hee

I just love how his position as an adopted son who sometimes felt explicitly like a dependent is written into every aspect of his interactions with other people: how courteous he is, how he tries to please his grandmother to make his mother feel better, how he understands how to put other people’s emotions and needs before his own, how he exercises resignation as a way to respect others as opposed to seeing it as this dreadful thing, unlike Tae Shik, who takes selfishness to another level.

The thing about Tae Hee is how careful he is towards everyone he loves. Don’t ask too much, don’t make yourself too big, tread lightly—because he’s the one who isn’t a “real” brother, he’s the one they took in. He is unfailingly, heart-breakingly good to the people he loves. When they first meet Tae Hee thinks Ja Eun is a spoiled brat. He isn’t careful with her. Ja Eun, so smart, so bright, so honest, and so knowledgeable about herself, knows immediately when she starts liking Tae Hee. But Tae Hee is so used to denying himself things that he hasn’t developed Ja Eun’s emotional intelligence, and when he realizes he loves her it’s too late. “She’s precious to me,” he realizes, and she becomes another person he treats delicately. (And then they spend the rest of the show being good to each other.)

Episode 29: Ja Eun starts working at the animation studio; Tae Bum confronts Su Young about the money she gave to his parents; Su Young’s mom is angry that she lied to her about the money she borrowed; Tae Hee finds it harder to keep his calm exterior in check; Tae Shik goes to Mi Sook for advice about Guk Soo; debt collectors threaten Ja Eun and her stepmom and Tae Hee comes to the rescue; Tae Hee continues to try to solve the case about the backdoor college admissions; Su Young and Tae Bum go on a mini date; Chan Shik tells Ye Jin about Guk Soo.

Episode 30: Ye Jin dumps Tae Shik who then confronts his father about spilling the beans about Guk Soo; Bok Ja and Chang Shik go to visit Ja Eun and try to convince her not to sell the farm to the movie company; Tae Shik contemplates and (hilariously) attempts suicide, but Mi Sook saves him; Tae Bum is jealous of Su Young and her sunbae; Su Young spots Hye Ryeoung at IBC; Kim Jae Ha tells Tae Hee that their mother passed away.

Episode 31: After finding out about his mother’s death Tae Hee ends up at Ja Eun’s front step; Ja Eun encourages Tae Hee to visit his mother; Grandmother laments at the death of her dead second born son and begs Ja Eun to sell the farm to someone else; Kim Ja He visits Ojakgyo farm; Su Young’s father sleeps over, making Tae Bum share the bedroom with Su Young; Nam Yeo Eul sells her first item at her store and she and Tae Pil go out to celebrate; Tae Bum tries to comfort Tae Hee about his mother; Tae Hee confronts Grandmother about his mother.

“Wasn’t it around this time when my second son passed away? …He never shows up in my dreams…He has to be comfortable. He died before his mother so he must be comfortable. He dies twenty-six years ago but it still feels like it only just happened yesterday. They say that you bury your parents in the mountain and your children in your heart, but that’s not true. You can’t bury your child. You can never bury your child.” Grandmother

Episode 32: Grandmother takes to bed after fighting with Tae Hee; Guk Soo runs away after Tae Shik ignores him when he comes to visit him at the hospital; Tae Bum gives up a news story to save a little boy stuck in an elevator; Tae Pil has Yeo Eul pretend to be his girlfriend so that he can get rid of an ex and Yeo eul’s sister catches them; Tae Pil and Chang Shik go to meet Kim Jae Ha; Chang Shik tells Tae Hee about his mother; Su Young and Tae Bum share a kiss (!♥♥♥); Ja Eun decides not to sell the farm.

“Don’t worry Grandmother. That won’t happen. She’s already dead. She passed away. So don’t worry. There’s no reason for me to disobey you. Death is like that. You can’t forgive and you can’t say goodbye–it’s complete closure.” Hwang Tae Hee.

Episode 33: Hey Ryeoung, Tae Bum’s ex, returns to IBC and tells him she’s had a divorce; Ja Eun strikes a deal with Kim Jae Ha to get the farm back in six months; Tae Hee returns home and has a reconciliation with Grandmother (♥♥♥); Ja Eun’s stepmom leaves for good; the Chas and the Hwangs argue over Tae Pil and Yeo Eul’s fake kiss; Tae Bum is recruited for a news anchor position; Ja Eun returns to the farm.

Episode 34: Ja Eun returns to Ojakgyo Farm and lays out her plan for keeping the farm but Chang Shik declines; Su Young’s mother is incensed that Bok Ja accused her sister of going after Tae Pil; tensions between Su Young and Tae Bum start to rise because of Hye Ryeoung’s return, who joins their news team as the new writer; Gandmother and Bok Ja share a bonding moment; Tae Shik stands up for Guk Soo when he’s made fun of at the hospital; Tae Hee confesses to Ja Eun again.

“You raised my Tae Hee well. For that, even if I carried you around for the rest of my life, it wouldn’t be enough. I never looked at you and said it, you may think that I’m not grateful, but after what we’ve just been through, I feel that you’ve raised Tae Hee very well. There’s no need for the mother to try and match the grandmother’s feelings. I know that Tae Hee tries to please me so that you can be more comfortable. You know that, too, right? Did you think I couldn’t tell? You don’t become eighty years old without learning something. That’s how it should be. You are Tae Hee’s mother and after I leave, the person I leave my baby to is you. Even when I die I won’t forget how much I owe you for raising my Tae Hee. ” Grandmother

Episode 35: Su Young demands that Tae Bum quit the news program; Tae Shik finds out the reason Angelica could no longer care for Guk Soo; Tae Hee and Tae Pil are cute–Tae Hee goes to him for romance advice and Tae Pil gives him terrible suggestions; Ja Eun demands that the boys helps around the house (:D); Su Young and Hye Ryeoung share a lunch together; Tae Shik punches his boss for being racist and gets fired; Tae Hee stalks follows Ja Eun around, confused about her response to his confession; Su Young gets mad at Tae Bum for worrying about Hye Ryeoung.

Episode 36: Tae Bum and Su Young fight about his feeling worried about Hye Ryeoung; Su young’s parents visit the Hwangs and air some dirty laundry; Yeo Eul learns more about Tae Pil; Ja Eun and Tae Hee are cute; Su Young decides not to tell the office she’s married until after her yearly evaluation; Kim Jae Ha’s dad slaps him in fron of Ja Eun (>: [ ) and demands that he buy the farm in fifteen days and Ja Eun tries to cheer Kim Jae Ha up; Tae Shik tells Guk Soo how he should respond to racism/colorism/xenophobia (♥♥♥); Tae Hee and Ja Eun share their first kiss (♥♥♥!:D); Su Young’s parents find out about Hye Ryeoung.

“So that’s what happened? That’s why you pushed him? You did well. He was bullying you, how could you just take that? Even I wouldn’t have been able to keep it in. But fighting is not the right thing to do. Even if someone else does somethng wrong first, when you use your fists, you become the culprit. If that happens to you again, if someone bullies you about your skin color, don’t push or hit them. Tell them, ‘You may not know this, but I am Korean. I am my father’s Hwang Tae Shik’s son, Hwang Guk Soo…Let’s send you to school. I’m going to do the paperwork so you can go, so just wait a little while. You’ll probably be in the same chool as Hanna… I made you wait a long time, didn’t I? I’m sorry. It wasn’t because i don’t like you. It was because I didn’t like myself. You probably don’t understand, but know that it wasn;t because I didn’t like you.” Hwang Tae Shik  

Episode 37: Ja Eun and Tae hee are simultaneously embarrassed and giddy about their first kiss; Tae Bum apologizes to Su Young’s parents for being in the same room with Hye Ryeoung (???) and Su Young defends him and tells her parents she loves him; Tae Shik tries to find work as a designated driver; Tae Pil mercilessly teases Tae Hee into giving him his credit card; Tae Bum follows Su Young to the obstetrician’s but she asks for him to wait outside; the atmosphere gets uncomfortable when Tae Bum and Su Young go on a trip with their colleagues; Tae Pil offers to accompany Yeo Eul to a reunion, where he kisses her in order to prove that they really are dating (:D); Bok Ja and Ja Eun hold a duck tasting event that turns out horribly.

Episode 38: Tae Bum quits his new postion on the news show, offers to quit his job entirely, and tries to cover up his heartbreak over it from his family; Guk Soo passes all his school entrance exams with flying colors (♥♥♥); Su Young asks Tae Bum if he loves her and he doesn’t respond; Tae Hee follows Ja Eun to the sauna and continues his machismo contest with Kim Jae Ha, who tells him he has something from their mother to give to him; Ja Eun gets mad at Tae Hee for fighting with Kim Jae Ha but forgives him when he reveals they have the same mother; Hye Ryeoung’s mother drops by IBC and calls Tae Bum her son-in-law, which Yeo Kyung (Su Young’s mother) overhears, which leads her to demand a divorce.

“Ajusshi. Secrets become secrets because no one sincerely listens to them. I don’t want to keep any secrets from you. I want to tell you everything. Can I do that? I’ll really let it all out. I really like you, Ajusshi, and sometimes I feel afraid and I tremble, but I’m unable to stop it. Ajusshi, I really like you.” Baek Ja Eun

Episode 39: Both families are in shock after finding out about the contract marriage; Tae Bum and Su Young both explain matters to their parents and try to calm them down; Su Young let’s out all of her grievances about her marriage to Tae Bum; Ja Eun and Bok Ja work on their duck feed; Ja eun learns that Kim Jae Ha was adopted; Tae Pil confesses to Yeo Eul (!♥♥♥) and she rejects him; Tae Hee and Ja Eun are cute (as always); Tae Hee asks his father about his biological father’s death; Tae Bum tells Hye Ryeoung he’s taken and Su young misunderstands and asks for a divorce.

“What just happened? Did she just reject me? Was Hwang Tae Pil just rejected?? Was I just rejected???? ME?!” Hwang Tae Pil

Episode 40: Tae Pil, incredulous that he was rejected, takes his anger out on Tae Bum and tells him what he’s doing wrong in his relationship with Su Young; Tae Pil continues to tease Tae Hee about liking Ja Eun and gets back his job as manager; Grandmother and Ja Eun share a heartfelt moment; Guk Soo has his first day at school (♥♥♥); the office discovers Su Young’s pregnancy and to defend her Tae Bum reveals their marriage, which prompts her to ask for a divorce ; Tae Hee begins to investigate his father’s hit and run case.

“You should have agreed to give up when she asked you to. Sister-in-law should hate you. Why did you ask for a contract marriage? You should have had a real marriage and then gotten divorced only when you couldn’t live together any longer. Only rich people or people in novels have contract marriages. What woman would like it if the man she’s living with is constantly thinking of a way to escape? And sister-in-law is pregnant, she had no other choice but to agree to a one year marriage. You were taking advantage of her weakness. Even if it wasn’t your intention–actually, I’m not convinced that it wasn’t–sister-in-law became a victim, someone who embarrassment, insult, and an unfair compromise. If it were me, I’d be angry, too…Hyung, everything about you is good except that you are angered by the truth when it contradicts you. That’s a trait that only smart and successful people should have. And you’re the same, too, Tae Hee. You mistake your stubbornness for conviction and your self righteousness for thoughtfulness. Hyung, you need to sincerely listen to others and beg sister-in-law for forgiveness, because there isn’t another woman in the world like her.” Hwang Tae Pil

Episode 41: Su Young confirms that she wants a divorce; the Hwangs visit the Chas and are told how bad of a son-in-law Tae Bum is, which Bok Ja responds to by getting drunk; Tae Shik gets jealous that Mi Sook has an admirer; Yeo Eul hasn’t settled her feelings for Tae Pil; Kim Jae Ha tells Tae Hee about their mother; Tae Hee and Ja Eun go on a date to the seaside (they eat ramen! there’s a backhug!); the last straw falls for Su Young when she finds Tae Bum rushing to Hye Ryeong’s help when she doesn’t come in for work.

Episode 42: Tae Bum moves out; Tae Hee confides in Ja Eun about how he feels towards his mother and she takes him to retrieve the gifts she left for him; Chang Shik finds out Tae Shik lost his job and goes out for drinks with him; Ja Eun comes home late from a date with Tae Hee and Bok Ja chastises her; Su Young tells her mother she’s decided to get a divorce; Ja Eun and Tae Hee decide to get married (:D); Tae Bum agrees to the divorce.

Episode 43: Chang Shik discovers that Baek In Ho killed his brother; Bok Ja gets sick and Ja Eun rushes her to the hospital; Guk Soo enjoys a day at the museum with his dad, where Mi Sook and Tae Shik argue; Tae hee is thwarted in his attempt to find out more about his father’s hit and run case; Tae Pil and Yeo Eul’s romance takes another step with a semi-confession on Tae Pil’s part; Su young and Tae Bum participate in a radio show where Tae Bum airs out all his grievances and indirectly defends himself; Ja Eun thinks she’s spotted her dad.

“Ja Eun-ah. I know I usually behave like a tedious old kid, living my life as set by others. That’s why I’m rather inexperienced in expressing my feelings. Even just now, when I just called you without using your family name, I felt embarrassed. Ja Eun-ah…Because of you, for the first time I feel that to be born in this world is a good thing. We’ll surely get sweetheart rings? Thank you for being by my side.” Hwang Tae Hee

Episode 44: Ja Eun becomes upset when she can’t find her father and Tae Hee comforts her by celebrating the end of the year with her; Yeo Eul has a run-in with her ex-husband in front of Tae Pil; Grandmother recognizes a similarity between Guk Soo and Tae Hee’s father that makes her grow fond of him; Tae Hee and Kim Jae Ha team up to find out more about his father’s case; Tae Shik and Mi Sook’s relationship heats up; Tae Bum realizes his feelings for Su Young and confesses; Tae Hee “introduces” Jae Eun to the family; and Chang Shik tells Bok Ja that Baek In Ho killed his brother.

“Ajusshi, I miss my dad so much. I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I want to see his face so much, even if it’s for the last time. To me he’s a mother and a father–he’s my entire family. I want to let him know he doesn’t have to worry about me, that I’m ok, that I can live well on my own.” Baek Ja Eun

Episode 45: Nam Yeo Eul stands up to her ex husband; Ja Eun writes a letter to Bok Ja, officially forgiving her; the brothers congratulate Tae Hee and Ja Eun; Tae Shik and Mi Sook spend a day with the kids; Su Young has a pregnancy scare that sends both her and Tae Bum to the hospital; Kim Jae Ha discovers who killed Tae Hee’s dad; Bok Ja appeals to Chang Shik to let Ja Eun and Tae Hee stay together.

“Apologize to me. Apologize to me! Didn’t you wrong me? What? A misunderstanding? You deceive someone for a year and you call that a misunderstanding? I did my best. You asked me not to work so I quit my job. I even followed you to the U.S. You didn’t want to have children, so I gave up. But you had an affair–and with my friend! You should have asked for a divorce sooner. Why did you lie to me for a year and turn me into a fool? I’m laughable, aren’t I? In your eyes I’m a very weak woman, aren’t I? I was patient, I endured, I tried to understand you, so you took that to mean that I’m a fool? No one has the right to treat me however they please. Apologize to me.” Nam Yeo Eul

“Right now, I’m not your wife. I’m not your mother’s daughter-in-law. Right now I’m Ja Eun’s mother, and that’s all I am. That’s all I’m going to be. You said I’ve saved you many times. Now it’s time for you to save me. Just this once do this for me. If you want to save your wife, do it. If you don’t want to lose your wife, cover up this incident. If you don’t I won’t live with you any longer.” Park Bok Ja 

Episode 46: Tae Bum and Su Young start to heal their relationship after her stay at the hospital; Bok Ja asks Ja Eun to sell the farm; Chang SHik tells Ja Eun she isn’t suitable daughter-in-law material; Ye Jin comes back in Tae Shik’s life; Tae Pil and Yeo Eul go on a date that’s not a date; The police chief discovers that Tae Hee and Ja Eun are an item.

“I will be good to Tae Hee and you and ajumma. I like Tae Hee, but I like you and ajumma a lot, too. Grandmother, Tae Shik, Tae Bum, maknae oppa–this family is like my family, but if I break up with Tae Hee, then I won’t be able to see them anymore. Then I really will feel like an orphan. And I like Tae Hee. I like him a lot. Even if I have no parents, I won’t become a burden to him. I’ll become someone he can trust and lean on. Ajussi, can’t you support me, just this once?” Baek Ja Eun

Episode 47: Tae Bum and Su Young’s relationship finally starts going smoothly; Su Young’s mother insists that Yeo Eul start dating in preparation for remarriage; Tae Shik gives his answer to Ye Jin and apologizes to Mi Sook; the Hwangs take a family photo while Grandmother takes a funeral photo in preparation for what might happen in the future; Grandmother convinces Ja Eun and Tae Hee to move the wedding up while Bok Ja tries to stop it; Tae Hee learns of who the suspect in his father’s hit-and-run case is.

Episode 48: Bok Ja’s objections to the marriage bring a rift in the Hwang family; Tae Bum works to be on the good side of Su Young’s parents and sets Yeo Eul up on a blind date, making Tae Pil jealous. Tae Hee avoids Ja  Eun; Ja Eun gets a long awaited call.

My heart really goes out to Bok Ja in this episode. She’s so alone. She has to shoulder so much, and Chang Shik is no help. If anything, he makes things worse. There are so many times when I want him to just go away in this series, because I find him so cowardly and incompetent, yet the people around him treat him with deference and respect, which just makes me dislike him more. This episode was one of those times. Grandmother talks about how hard it is to lose a child, but she seems to forget that Bok Ja has  lost one–a daughter. And then Bok Ja calls out to her dead mother, asking her for help, and that serves to isolate her more. It also ties her more to Ja Eun, the other motherless woman here, which is so sad, because she’s found a mother in Bok Ja, who now feels she has to distance herself from her. And Chang Shik says that Tae Hee is stronger than Ja Eun, but that’s the thing: he isn’t. He’s just as vulnerable as she is, despite his anger issues and tendency to pin people up against walls, and Ja Eun plays a much more significant emotional role in his life than he does in hers. If anything, he’s the one more likely  fall apart if they had to break up.

Tae Hee begs his dad to let him stay with Ja Eun. He says he won’t be so greedy as to marry her, but he just wants to see her. (Sob.) It says so much about his character, so much, that he uses that word, “greedy.” He’s so used to holding himself back and keeping himself from feeling too much, from wanting too much, because his knowing he’s adopted has made him feel as if he isn’t really entitled to things like feeling and wanting, and with Ja Eun he does both. For me Tae Hee is basically this wounded little puppy and all I want to do is hold him and stroke his head and tell him that I know he’s scared ‘cause he’s been hurt before but he has to stop biting me so I can give him a bath and food. 

And the father URGH. So this guy lies to his wife (and his entire family) for ten years, the same wife who takes care of his mother, welcomed his nephew into her immediate family with open arms, nurtured the farm to it’s current lush and productive state, and cooks and feeds him every day. She does so much and has to bear so much emotional responsibility for others in the family. And even though her sons all love her, she’s still so alone. She always calls out to her mother for help and not anyone around her, which ugh, makes her like Ja Eun because she lost her mother, too. And Chang Shik doesn’t realize that he’s not only breaking up Tae Hee and Ja Eun, but Bok Ja and Ja Eun, the girl with no mother and the mother who’s lost a daughter. And at the end of this episode he says that Tae Hee is stronger than Ja Eun, and that’s why they should tell him, but that’s not true. Ja Eun is the strong one. She’s the honest one, the one who knows how to deal with her emotions. If anything, he’s the one more likely to completely fall apart if they end up having to break up. And I’m sorry, but, what exactly does Chang Shik do all day???? Work on the farm? He. is. so. frustrating. He gets even worse? I am not looking forward to that.

Episode 49: Ja Eun’s father returns; Yeo Eul and Tae Pil must deal with their respective families’ reactions to their dating; Tae Hee tries to keep the secret from Ja Eun while suffering alone.

Yeo Eul and Tae Pil are adorable. Even though Yeo Eul is the oldest out of the romances depicted in this drama, her relationship with Tae Pil has the most youthful atmosphere to it. It’s not plagued with any heavy drama. They’re just two people who like each other and want to date, and even with the family interference and disapproval they still have a very winsome, lighthearted romance. (Ja Eun and her dad are really cute together, too.)

Episode 50: Grandmother recovers quickly; Tae Shik takes a big step in his romance with Mi Sook; Tae Bum and Su Young have a house warming party.

Episode 51: Grandmother and Chang Shik insist on Tae Hee and Ja Eun breaking up and they agree to cooperate (”’); Tae Hee pursues the backdoor admissions case, which makes the head of his department; Mi Sook and Tae Shik explain to their children that they want to marry; Yeo Eul and Tae Pil are cute and society sucks; Tae Hee and Ja eun go on a last date together (“”””””””””).

“No. Let me says it. Because I was the one who told you I liked you first. So let me be the first to say farewell. Yes. i am here to say farewell to ajusshi. Didn’t we have an agreement? No matter what happens, we wouldn’t separate without saying a word. If we’re fed up then we’ll say that we’re fed up, and then end it after saying what we want to say. Looks like I’m fed up with ajusshi. I can’t see ajusshi anymore. Let’s…break up.” Baek Ja Eun (“”””””””””””””””)

These two…these two…She tells him she’s the one who’s leaving him and not the other way around. So that he won’t fell bad. Oh, Ja Eun, you’re so precious.

Episode 52: Tae Hee and Ja Eun suffer through their separation; Yeo Eul and Tae Pil go on a date (and they’re so cuuute omg, my babies) when Tae Pil asks her about marriage; Grandmother tries to get tae He to some back home; Mi Sook is formally introduced to the family, but Guk Soo (my baby!) is upset at this new development; Tae Hee begs Grandmother to forgive Ja Eun.

Episode 53: Bok Ja visits Ja Eun; Tae Hee gets more evidence concerning the hit and run case; Tae Bum urges Su Young to move from her parents’ house; Tae hee meets up with Jae Ha and asks him to watch over Ja Eun for him; Tae Pil tries to introduce Ye Eul to his brothers; Tae Hee reconciles with Grandmother (which just about breaks my heart).

“I’m actually relieved Tae Hee is behaving like this. If he kept it buried in his heart, and pretended nothing was wrong in front of us…Think what could happen if he doesn’t say anything and kept it all bottled up inside. He must be in a lot of pain. It’s been 26 years and he’s never gotten over his mother’s death. He never said a word after she died. Tae Hee has gotten a lot better since meeting Ja Eun.” Park Bok Ja

I love how these two, Ja Eun and Tae Hee, with help from their families, pick themselves up and try to put their lives back together. They are so courageous.

“And also, Grandma. With the blind dating, can I take it slowly? I’m telling you this because I want to be honest with you. Please give me some time.” Tae Hee

He says this so earnestly, so hesitantly, with that little smile he’s put on for them all day, and you can see the effort he’s put behind the entire day and that one moment when his facade broke (remember he said to Jae Ha, “I’m not coping very well, but I’m trying”) and his grandmother saw him. She’s a stubborn lady, but my heart aches for them both. And Bok Ja, who just visited Ja Eun and brought her food and gave her advice, the one who roots for them more than anyone else (except maybe Tae Pil) is there and she’s trying hard, too, trying hard to comfort her son and keep her mother in law happy while still taking care of Ja Eun.

Episode 54: Tae Hee has a breakthrough in the hit and run case; Ja Eun leaves Souel for a few days; Tae Pil and Yeo Eul’s romance goes to the next level (♥♥♥); Tae Pil gives Guk Soo some advice about his father’s future; the Hwang family members have fond memories of Ja Eun and Grandmother comes to a new decision.

“What exactly is the problem? There is no problem with the law. Is it because of this seniority issue? Society’s opinion and convention? Those things exist to be broken. Then are others’ opinions more important than my and Yeo Eul’s sincerity? More valuable?” Hwang Tae Pil (love him love him love him)

Episode 55: Bok Ja visits Ja Eun with the good news; Tae Hee pursues the hit and run case and finds evidence that could clear Ja Eun’s father’s name; Yeo Eul formally presents Tae Pil to her sister; Tae Hee and Ja Eun reunite.

“Whenever I see ajusshi, I always want to shelter him. He’s a man of few words, and is a bit slow, but I know what he’s feeling. Wen ajusshi is angry, when he’s feeling good, sad and tired…It’s just like walking alone in the corridor on rainy days and waiting for someone to come, yet no one does. Ajusshi is also waiting forever for someone to come over. But despite that, he still grew up pretty well.That’s why I’ve always wanted to shelter him, always wanted to make him smile. Whenever I see ajusshi smile, it’s like my heart fills up with air, and I feel very full. Or like a Christmas tree lighting up one light at a time. Opulent. Cheerful. Happy.” Baek Ja Eun 

Episode 56: The Hwang family welcome Ja Eun back; Su Young’s mother goes to the doctor; Bok Ja is mad that Tae Bum has decided not to move out.

Episode 57: Tae Pil asks for his family to support his dating Yeo Eul officially and none of them step up the way they should.

Episode 58: Yeo Eul and Tae Pil break up and I die and will forever be upset and bitter about it. 

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