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The things I do for my love of Yoon Si Yoon and Eugene. That’s right the Episode Guide is up after slogging my way through Baker King Kim Tak Gu (BKKTG). I said I wouldn’t do it, but I did it. I first saw Eugene in Creating Destiny which I loved to bits for how cute it was and also for the main couple. I followed Eugene and Ki Tae Young as they got married in real life(!) *cue uncontrollable girlish screams of delight!* feeding my shipping delusions (woot, woot!) which I desperately try to keep in check, although I’m obviously failing at it… So anyway, I figured I needed my latest Eugene fix even if it wouldn’t be with her real-life leading man.

Yoon Si Yoon, I should have first seen in BKKTG, but 6 episodes in and the kids had only just grown up, namely our leads, Tak Gu (Yoon Si Yoon), Ma Jun (Joo Won), and Yoo Kyung (Eugene). So even though I started BKKTG first, I ended up coming across Yoon Si Yoon in Me Too Flower!, a drama that’s grown on me as has YSY. He has such a sincere and expressive face. He reminds me of Kim Jae won who was originally suppose to play Jae Hee in Me Too Flower!, but dropped out due to injury. Same sincere face and great smile. I loved(x 1000) Can You Hear My Heart, so any comparisons to Kim Jae Won from me means I like you. I really, really like you. :)

Baker King Kim Tak Gu though turned out to be a ‘liked/abhored/fascinated’ kind of drama for me– a little bit of “conquer the beast” drama watching or what ladida and I refer to fondly as ‘hate-watching.’ “I will conquer the beast that is 30-episode long ratings giant Baker King Kim Tak Gu!

1 Watching a drama you may not actually like, but aren’t sure. You watch it because you love the actors or the writer or the director…there’s always a reason. If you find yourself saying “This better be good” or “I dare you to be good Show,” you may be hate-watching.
2 Watching a drama you thoroughly hate, but you can’t not watch it otherwise how will you be able to trash talk with any confidence? Key phrases include, “This sucks! but …  ➤➤,  3 episodes later, “this still sucks.”  Usually there is liberal use of the ➤➤ button.

Basically hate-watching is somewhat like the anti-fan version of drama watching, but filled with many more mixed emotions and a lot less anger.

Based on this definition I didn’t really hate-watch BKKTG or maybe the bad memories are already fading. Who knows? Our baking hero Tak Gu probably has too much of a positive and plucky disposition for me to really hate-watch the drama. Tak Gu is basically the male version of the plucky down-and-out girl who is always positive and takes things in stride. This type of character is often a girl in kdramas, but much less often a guy, so I enjoyed seeing a male version of this type. Interestingly BKKTG focused on our plucky hero gaining confidence, power, and prestige in the baking industry as opposed to love. Tak Gu’s love story was very low key. No doubt it would have been central to the story if Tak Gu were a girl. (So yeah, we get the message– boys go be successful at work and girls be successful in love).

But why watch this drama? Besides wanting to watch a drama with the leads, whom I love, all that food porn with the baking and such, there were actually a few really stellar scenes in BKKTG.

BKKTG Stellar Scene 1
Episode 8 and the man with the windmill tattoo

Tak Gu has been searching for his mother and the man who took her, the man with the windmill tattoo, for almost a decade. He finally finds him in the most unexpected place and it’s an intense and dramatic encounter that was played just right. The tempo of the scene and the music played off each other and heightened the drama of the situation. It was a scene worthy of all the kinds of dramatic effects melodramas often misuse during scenes that really aren’t that important, moving, or consequential.

BKKTG Stellar Scene 2
Episode 11- Lloyd Dobler’s legacy lives on

Yu Kyung’s activities at school and a betrayal by a friend have landed her in jail. She doesn’t know how she will get out and Tak Gu is upset that he can’t do anything to help her. What he does do though shows how good a friend he is and how much he cares for Yu Kyung. Tak Gu pulls a Lloyd Dobler. How sweet. This scene cemented him in mind as a romantic lead and not just some kid chasing his dream. Still, this scene felt very Korean to me as opposed to the over-the-top teenage romance feeling from the movie Say Anything…

BKKTG Stellar Scene 3
Episode 30- A Quiet love

Mi Sun sits outside cursing Tak Gu for how thickheaded he is. She wonders if he really doesn’t get that she likes him even after her confession. Tak Gu sneaks up on her and some cute bickering follows. Then he gathers his courage, takes Mi Sun hands and tells her how he feels about her. He explains he wasn’t clueless, but that he couldn’t have two people in his heart at once, but that, that was sorted out now and he looked forward to making many more memories with her. Mi Sun is happy, to say the least, and so is Tak Gu. This scene is so sweet and simple, and does exactly what it needs to. I was worried when I got the finale and these two hadn’t officially gotten together. I thought BKKTG was going to leave their relationship hanging, but in the end they gave us a beautiful understated confession that really suits this couple.

I love Yang Mi Sun (Lee Young Ah). She has the same name as Tak Gu’s mom, Mi Sun. She is sweet, kind, a talented baker and smart enough to fall for the nice guy instead of the manipulative, rich jerk. I enjoyed Tak Gu and Mi Sun’s quiet love story. Their story could have been like Cha Dong Joo and Bong Woo Ri’s love story in Can You Hear My Heart if the story was more fleshed out… Love isn’t necessarily made from drama. At the end of the drama things were just beginning with them, but I wanted to see more of this couple. I think we didn’t see too much of a story between them because it would have been hard to create much drama between two rather level-headed, kind, and loving personalities. Still, at the end of the drama they were my favorite couple.

This is why I love Mi Sun!

Baker King Kim Tak Gu had it’s ups and downs, but these were my most loved scenes that I’ll take away from the drama. As you can see, Tak Gu was central to each of these scenes and his character’s journey is really the main reason to watch.


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  1. ladida

    I love me some Lloyd Dobbler. I also love me some Yoon Shi Yoon. Two of my loves…together…a dream come true!

    You know what would be awesome? If someone could invent a machine that just cuts out the best parts of a drama/film/show and puts it all together, thus creating the show you actually wanted to watch. That’s basically how I re-watch my favorite dramas now. In my head, SKKS is a drama about Goo Yong Ha and Moon Jae Shin making faces at each other, and in Dream high, Pil Suk and Jason are the protagonists. (Wait, is that machine called Youtube?)


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