In Time With You Episode 7 Reflection: Part I

I love the moment when Lee Da Ren’s mother walks into her house, and she sees You Qing standing there at the stove, on the phone with her own mother, making chicken soup for her best friend because he’s sick.

I love it first because she is doing this for him after they’ve had (another) fight. These two argue all the time, but over and over again they reconcile and they choose each other. There is something very easy about their reconciliations: it’s like being so close to someone that you could spend a month without speaking to each other and then when you see one another again you just pick up your conversation where you left off; whenever they reconcile they just fall back into their friendship without having to say sorry or having any awkward moments about their argument. They have a deep care for one another, and that care fosters a mutual trust that runs just as deep.

I love it second because it parallels the moment Maggie first meets Lee Da Ren’s mother; there’s a very clear contrast between the two that shows the difference between the two women and their relationships with Lee Da Ren without deriding Maggie. When Lee Da Ren’s mom first met Maggie she was a little miffed and offended that a random person just stopped by (or barged in) without prior notice or invitation from her, and she treated Maggie coldly. But she comes home to find You Qing in her kitchen and she greets her with a warm smile and a handmade present, a present that shows that You Qing was on her mind and shows that she cares enough about her to create something for her.  Even Lee Da Ren’s rebelling sister gets along well with You Qing, and they all sit down together to have dinner. I love the interactions they have with one another’s families, how comfortable they are in one another’s households, how both families simply welcome them as if they are a child that is coming home for winter break. It’s all so effortless. I also love the interactions that their families have with one another, like the time You Qing picked out a dress for Lee Da Ren’s sister, or when Lee Da Ren paid for You Qing’s brother’s mother-in-law’s plane ticket. I want to see the mothers together, to see how they act towards one another and if they’ll be friends.


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