Baker King Kim Tak Gu Episode Guide

Baker King Tak Goo was a hit in Korea, but less so internationally. I decided to watch this drama for the leads whom I love, all of them. Sometimes I enjoyed this drama immensely, while other times I was frustrated, but overall it was a good filler drama for a rainy weekend marathon.

Baker King Kim Tak Goo or Bread, Love and Dreams Love that title!

Kim Tak Goo is the eldest son of Goo In Jong, the president of [Geosung] Enterprise, a legend in the baking industry. Although he is an extremely talented baker and seemed destined to succeed his father as president, Goo In Jong’s family plotted to rob him of his inheritance because he was born to In Jong’s mistress. Tak Goo’s determination to become number one in the baking industry drives him to rebuild his career from scratch despite the many trials he faces.

Kim Tak Goo (Yoon Shi Yoon)
Shin Yoo Kyung (Eugene)

Goo Family
Goo Il Jong (Jun Kwang Ryul )
Seo In Sook (Jun In Hwa)
Ma Joon (Joo Won)
Goo Ja Kyung (Choi Ja Hye)
Goo Ja Rim (Choi Yoon Young)
Halmeoni/Madam Hong (Jung Hye Sun)

Yang Family
Master Pal Bong (Jang Hang Sun)
Yang In Mok (Park Sang Myun)
Oh Young Ja (Hwang Mi Sun)
Yang Mi Sun (Lee Young Ah)

Other people
Manager Han (Jung Sung Mo)
Kim Mi Sun/Tak Gu’s Mother (Jun Mi Sun)
Jo Jin Goo (Park Sung Woong)
Doctor Yoon (Kim Jung Hak)
Park Choon Bae (Choi Il Hwa)

Ep. 1
Something is very wrong at the Goo household. Seo In Sook wants a son and so do her husband and mother-in-law. But wanting what isn’t yours to have is a vice called greed.

Ep. 2
Tak Goo and Ma Joon continue to get in trouble causing both their mothers anxiety. Kim Mi Sun tries to avoid President Goo and the baking factory, but Tak Gu can’t be kept from his destiny. Manager Han keeps his promise to Kim Mi Sun pushing her to the edge. Shin Yoo Kyung is tormented at home, but gains a new friend.

Ep. 3
The Goo house is a tiger’s den for Tak Gu, but where else should a tiger cub be? Manager Han is caught in a lie and Seo In Sook returns to the bottle when the past starts to come back.

Ep. 4
Tak Goo has a difficult time at the Goo house, but he’s found he shares his father’s talent. Goo Ma Jun is jealous for his father’s attention and so is In Sook. Yoo kyung tries to cope with her home life.

Ep. 5
Grandma learns the truth about one of her grandsons, but she pays the price. Tak Gu’s mom is in grave danger and his dad has plans of officially bringing him into the family.

Ep. 6
Tak Gu must find his mom before she gets hurt. Ma Jun decides he can’t stay at the Gu household anymore. Manager Han continues his scheming. Yoo Kyung finally deals with her abusive father.

Ep. 7
Tak Gu has a new lead on the mysterious man with the windmill tattoo. Ma Jun has a new identity– Tae Jo. The president continues to look for his missing son.

Ep. 8
Tak Gu and Tae Jo/Ma Jun take the entrance exam to Dal Gop Bakery. Tak Gu finally finds the man he’s been searching for and receives some devastating news. The president starts to suspect Manager Han.

Ep. 9
Tensions between In Sook and the president are worse than ever as In Sook makes a power play.  Geosung’s 30th anniversary party goes off almost without a hitch. Tak Gu’s search for Yu Kyung leads him where he wouldn’t expect.

Ep. 10
Tak Gu reunites with a friend from the past, but also old foe too. Ja Rim runs into trouble with the law and Yu Kyung must find a new home. The president is challenged by In Sook yet again. Manager Han is jealous, but he may have bigger problems from a doctor from the past.

Ep. 11
Seo In Sook and the President pull strings to bring Ja rim home. Jin Gu knows more about Tak Gu than he’s letting on. Manager Han can’t seem to let sleeping dogs lie so his obsession with Tak Gu continues. Yu Kyung lands in trouble after a betrayal. Tak Gu is forced to make a difficult decision by Tae Jo.

Ep. 12
It’s Halmeoni’s memorial day and her spirit lives on. Tak Gu takes on his new challenge whole-heartedly. In Sook and Manager Han have so many enemies, they don’t know where the latest attack is coming from. Ma Jun makes a proposal to Yu Kyung.

Ep. 13
There’s a new player in town making a move on Geosung. Tak Gu suffers from an accident in the bakery. Yu Kyung doubles down on Ma Jun game. In Sook works to get rid of Yu Kyung.

Ep. 14
Tak Gu must overcome his fears in the bakery. Manager Han is looking for Mi Sun again. Ma jun and his mother butt heads over Yu Kyung. Grandpa gives an unexpected opportunity at the bakery and Ma jun wants to know the recipe for Master Bong’s famous Bong Bread. Geosung has a new batch of employees.

Ep. 15
Master Bong starts the test for new bakers, but the sabotaging continues at Pal Bong Bakery. Tak Gu has a faithful meeting. In Sook causes trouble for Yu Kyung at her new job.

Ep. 16
Tak Gu must make a difficult decision that leads him to enemy ground. Manager Han and In Sook are slowly running out of luck. The president may soon realize something is up with those he trust the most. Ma jun is still taken by Yu Kyung who must deal with Manager Han. Mi Sun and Doctor Yoon have an inside partner. Tak Gu and Ma jun come to an understanding, but it may be short-lived.

Ep. 17
Tak Gu learns a startling truth as does In Sook. Mi Sun and Doctor Yoon have a new lead for finding Tak Gu. Tak Gu and the other bakers continue preparing for the 1st round of the test. Yu Kyung faces difficulty at work.

Ep. 18
The president is closer than ever to finding Tak Gu. Ma jun still cannot get his father’s approval. Manager Han makes a discovery that puts Mi Sun in danger. Tak Gu has a long awaited reunion. Yu Kyung faces another challenge at work. In Sook, Manager Han and the President have a new foe.

Ep. 19
The second stage of the bread making competition is even more difficult than the first. Ma jun and Tak Gu’s rivalry comes to a head over Yu Kyung. The game may be up for Manager Han. The President shows his anger from a new revelation– a sleeping tiger may just have woken up. In Sook and Yu Kyung each make a pledge neither may be able to take back.

Ep. 20
Tak Gu may have misplaced his faith in the people closest to him. Ma jun is consumed by anger, jealousy, and revenge– it seems he inherited his father’s cruelty too. Mi sun is slowly coming out of hiding and the President faces grave danger. In Sook may not be able to handle the consequences of her actions. Yu Kyung chooses a difficult path.

Ep. 21
The President returns and puts plans of his own into action. Ma jun has taken away Tak Gu’s most valuable gift, but Master Bong and Jin Gu are on to him. In Sook sets a trap. The second round of the competition is held. A mysterious man has eyes on the bakery.

Ep. 22
The president worries if Tak Gu will ever be able to forgive him. Ma jun pulls his last scheme at Pal Bong Bakery. Park Choon Bae is out for revenge against Master Bong so the students at the bakery must protect him. Mi Sun faces In Sook and Manager Han head on.

Ep. 23
Tak Gu competes to preserve Master Bong’s Master Artisan title. In Sook makes an unexpected admission to the President. The bakery faces more challenges as Master Bong lays ill. As usual, the President has no idea what awful things are being done right under his watch.

Ep. 24
Master Bong has a lasting impression on all his students, Ma jun included. The baking competition has a third round. In Sook’s hold over Ma jun’s life is more suffocating and relentless than ever. Manager Han makes a move against the President from within Geosung. The President must finally face his past mistakes and gives Tak Gu great responsibility.

Ep. 25
The President must overcome new health problems. Tak Gu takes place of his father in his absence against great odds. Ma Jun insist his mother accepts Yu Kyung through a grave threat. In Sook and Manager Han prepare to go up against Tak Gu at the Director’s meeting.

Ep. 26
Tak Gu must prove himself at Geosung many times over and it leads him back to the factory at Cheongsan. Ma jun forces the marriage issue with his mother. In Sook reminds Yu Kyung how miserable she plans on making her life as Geosung’s daughter-in-law.  Jin Gu receives an assignment at his new job that brings him to familiar territory.

Ep. 27
Yu Kyung has an unpleasant reunion. The President bides his time as he recovers– amazing what people will say when they think he’s not listening. Kim Tak Gu is learning the ropes at Geosung while taking on the problems at the Cheongsan factory. Ma Jun makes good on his promise to Yu Kyung. Tak Gu is worried about Jin Gu and his Mom.

Ep. 28
Secrets are meant to be found out in the Goo household. Yu Kyung learns a new family secret. Tak Gu has a long awaited reunion. The problems at Cheongsan factory persist. Ja Kyung learns of her fathers motives and Tak Gu’s sincerity. There’s no honeymoon for Yu Kyung and Ma Jun.

(Most awesome cameos ever by New Kids on the Block and Janet Jackson!)

Ep. 29
Manager Han and In Sook are caught red-handed and their luck may soon run out. Goo Ma jun is spiraling out of control. Mi Sun has a plan to help Tak Gu succeed at Geosung. Manager Han suffers a huge blow from In Sook and reaches the peak of his evilness.

Ep. 30
Manager Han takes his last stand spelling out his twisted take on life. Ma jun must come to terms with who he is. Geosung needs a new president. Tak Gu must decide what he wants for the future in life and love.


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