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Episode 1: After fifteen years of trying to make it in rock ‘n’ roll, Eisuke Yamate decides to follow his original passion, French cuisine, by going up against the man who bought his late mother’s restaurant and opening his his own with his bandmates; all Chie Okusu wants for her birthday is to eat scrumptious French food with a boy who loves her–instead she gets Eisuke, who’s bad temper she hates but who’s food she loves.

Episode 2: Eisuke begins to worry that he won’t be able to keep the restaurant open too long before going bankrupt; Le Petit Chou gets its first real customers, a couple on the verge of breaking up; Eisuke comes up with a concept for the restaurant; long hours put a strain on Eisuke’s romantic relationship while Chie keeps on denying that she’s in love.

“I’d like to make this place a comfortable French restaurant. A French restaurant that welcomes anyone. I’ll serve guests who want to enjoy genuine French cuisine, and guests who don’t care much may have anything they want–we’ll just give them snacks and wine. But the most important thing is, be they random or regular, we’ll welcome any guests who opens that door and comes in for a meal. In any case, we’ll do everything we can to make them enjoy the food and smile. That’s the restaurant I’d like to make.” Eisuke Yamate

Episode 3: As Taku wiggles his way into working at Le Petit Chou, Eisuke works on his smile and attitude in order to please his customers and help the restaurant succeed; Chie fights he feelings for Eisuke and his food, and when she falls sick he comes over and cooks for her.

*I love how Chie and Eisuke stumble around their conversations with one another, mumbling to themselves, coming out with non sequiturs, (he’s brusque and curses and she’s full of exclamations of appreciations and glee, although that doesn’t keep her from telling him he’s an ass,) but still understanding the other anyway–like when Eisuke visits Chie and tells her about how he can’t smile well, but found someone who could do it better than him: he doesn’t actually make any sense, but Chie nods and says she gets it. What she understands isn’t the specific details of the smiling, but the kind of ambivalence Eisuke feels, resigned that he needs someone who he’d rather not bother with.*

Episode 4: Eisuke accepts a challenge from his rival, Tokio Aso, as he approaches his 30th birthday; working at the restaurant puts a serious strain on Eisuke’s romance with Maria and his friendship with Kenta; Chie frets over her feelings for Eisuke.

*I like how Chie and Maria aren’t really made out to be rivals in this show. Maria isn’t the stereotypical “unappreciative ex” who doesn’t recognize the main lead’s worth until he starts dating someone new, and Chie isn’t eaten up with jealousy that the guy that she likes is dating someone else. In fact, from what we’ve seen of their interaction, Chie kind of admires Maria, in a starry-eyed, idolizing kind of way. Maria’s reasons for asking for a break are legitimate, and Chie respects Eisuke’s relationship with her enough to keep her feelings to herself.*

Episode 5: Eisuke uses the angst resulting from Maria asking for a break in their relationship to as fuel for creativity in the kitchen while Chie uses the opportunity to orchestrate a plan to confess to Eisuke; Tokio Aso obsesses over Eisuke’s talent and gives him another challenge; Eisuke’s former manager leaves her son with him and he takes the opportunity to teach him and his classmates about food and cooking. [Screencaps]

“It has been about a month since the new Le Petit Chou opened. I paid the balance of their wages ten days ago and finally got to quit the part-time job. We’re getting our own regular guests bit by bit, but I’m barely keeping the business going. I don’t even know what’s going to happen next month. The finances are quit tight.”

Episode 6: Maria and Eisuke get back together; Eisuke loses the challenge; Eisuke is given a cookbook his mother left for him and is rejuvenated; Chie is elated that Eisuke said he likes her, but devastated that it’s only as a friend.

Episode 7: Eisuke decides to make his restaurant a “true” French one, which drives a rift between him and his friends; Maria continues to have misgivings about her future with Eisuke; Chie takes her friend’s advice and indulges in her unrequited love by giving into her imagination; a French restaurant reviewer loves Eiskue’s cooking, but is thrown off by the restaurant’s atmosphere.

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