Wild Romance Episode Guide

Episode 1: “The Playball That No One Wanted”

In which we meet Park Mu Yeol, a baseball player with a bad reputation, and Yoo Eun Jae, a bodyguard with a hot temper and number one Park Mu Yeol antifan. After an altercation at a norebang goes viral, Eun Jae is becomes Mu Yeol’s bodyguard to keep the public from thinking that Mu Yeol got into a physical fight with a girl.

Episode 2: “The Worst Keystone Combination”

In which Eun Jae and Mu Yeol butt get stuck in an abandoned storage house where they butt heads and are rescued by Dong ah and Manager Kim. Dong Soo has a difficult time renewing his contract with the team; Mu Yeol’s stalker takes more extreme measures against him, and Eun Jae starts to suspect him of adultery.

Episode 3: “Role Model Bean Ball”

While Eun Jae builds her suspicions against Mu Yeol and works to keep him and Su Young apart, Dong Soo contemplates retirement and a newspaper article comes out about Eun Jae’s family hating the Red Dreamers. Eun Jae gets a clue as to who Mu Yeol’s stalker may be.

Episode 4: “Bone-headed Play”

Mu Yeol and Eun Jae fight each other when she confronts him about cheating with Su Young; Manager Kim enlists Dong Ah’s help in finding Mu Yeol’s stalker; Dong Soo and Su Young reaffirm their love. Eun Jae saves Mu Yeol when a mysterious woman tries to seduce him.

Episode 5: “Long and Long Run Down”

Eun Jae and Mu Yeol track down the mysterious lady who stole his necklace; Eun Jae learns more about Mu Yeol’s past and the two grow closer; Reporter Go tails Mu Yeol; Dong Soo reminisces and gets a new job; Dong Ah continues to be awesome.

Episode 6: “The Pitcher Who Got Substituted Before Taking the Mound”

In which Eun Jae’s feelings for Mu Yeol continue to grow; things get out of control when Mu Yeol beats up a seemingly innocent bartender–the media gets it’s hooks into the story and Manager Kim has to do his best for damage control; we learn more about Reporter Go.

Episode 7: “Interim Backup Play”

When Mu Yeol disappears, Eun Jae and Dong Soo get Dong Ah and Manager Kim to help them petition for a review of his expulsion from the team; Eu Jae searches for Mu Yeol while Reporter Go learns some new information about the incident and a old face returns to Mu Yeol’s life.

Episode 8: “The Pickoff”

Eun Jae is overcome with jealousy when  Joo Hee, Mu Yeol’s ex, returns; Manager Kim and Dong Ah work to find who is targeting Mu Yeol.

Episode 9: “Texas Hit”

Eun Jae suffers through Mu Yeol and Joo Hee reconnecting and re-igniting their romance after she’s confessed to Mu Yeol; Dong ah and manger Kim team up with Reporter Go to investigate Mu Yeol’s stalker.

Episode 10: “Yogi Berra’s Silence”

Mu Yeol searches Eun Jae out to rekindle their friendship after she decides to stop wroking for him, not knowing she did so because she has romantic feelings for him; Mu Yeol’s stalker targets Joon Hee.

Episode 11: “The Losing Pitcher”

Eun Jae bodyguards Joon Hee while Dong Ah has a close encounter with the man she’s tailing; Mu Yeol’s stalker is revealed.

Episode 12: “Appeal Play”

Joon Hee and Mu Yeol both have epiphanies, though different ones; Joon Hee asks Mu Yeol to get back together; Mu Yeol’s stalker finds a new victim to work through; Eun Jae appeals to Robot Kim for Dong Ah.

Episode 13: “Very Close Tag Up”

Mu Yeol recognizes his romantic feelings toward Eun Jae and breaks up with Joon Hee; Su Young is tormented by the picture Mu Yeol’s stalker sent her; Dong Ah and Robot Kim reconcile.

Episode 14: “Sacrifice Fly”

Mu Yeol reveals his feelings to Eun Jae while Dong Ah and Manager Kim start dating; Dong Soo takes drastic steps to keep anyone from discovering Su Young’s actions.

Episode 15: “Fielder’s Choice”

Dong Soo is arrested; Eun Jae comforts Mu Yeol, raising the stalker’s ire; Mu Yeol cannot believe Dong Soo is is stalker, so he and the gang race to figure out who it is.


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