Flower Boy Ramen Shop Episode Guide

I loved this drama to bits. It was laugh-out-loud funny and lighthearted, but warm and filled with quirky characters.

Cha Chi Soo (Jung Il Woo)- A carefree and arrogant chaebol. More gleefully presumptuous than mean.

Yang Eun Bi (Lee Chung Ah)- Our spunky heroine who works day in and out to become a teacher…and find the perfect man.

Kang Dong Joo (Kim Ye Won)- 24, a teacher and a serial dater with numerous suitors. Eun Bi roomate.

Choi Gang Hyuk (Lee Ki Woo)- Eun Bi’s own guardian angel who watches over all the boys at the Ramen Shop.

Woo Hyun Woo (Jo Yoon Woo)- Chi Soo’s kind-hearted friend

Kim Ba wool (Park Min Woo)- Crazy Rooster of the Matchstick Gang. A bad boy who’s as cute as they come.

Yoon So Yi ( Ho Soo)- A “white swan” with a commitment problem. The object of Ba Wool’s affection.

Coach Seo (Kim Il Joong)

Cha Ok Gyun (Joo Hyun)- Chi Soo’s dad. Constantly exasperated by his son and his antics.

Yang Chul Dong (Jeong In Gi)- Eun Bi’s dad.

Ep. 1  For Whom the Bell Tolls
Chi Soo is kinda of a bad boy or so his antics lead us to believe. And Eun Bi battles with her bad luck in love. Love is blind as they say so what does fate have in store for these two?

Ep. 2 The Legend of the Prince
Eun Bi navigates her first day as a student-teacher at Cha Sung High while dealing with the aftermath of her misunderstanding with Chi Soo. The real bad boy of Cha Sung High causes some more trouble, but Crazy Rooster may have a soft side. Does the Ramen Shop owner have one too?

Ep. 3  The Return of the Temperament
Eun Bi’s temper flares up when she learns of Chi soo’s playboy ways. Chi soo has a chance meeting and a reunion is cut short while another just begins.

Ep. 4 Scent of a Man
Chi Soo recalls painful memories as Eun Bi struggles with new grief. Gang Hyuk gets comfortable at the Ramen shop as Chi Soo becomes more concerned with and perplexed by the ‘Intern teacher.’ Eun Bi worries about her future and Soo Yi can’t choose between the crazy rooster and Cha Sung’s Prince.

Ep. 5 If It’s Eun Bi
Eun Bi’s dad has left a problematic contract. Kang Hyuk has his eyes set on his new “wife.” Eun Bi is causing Chi Soo physical stress. So Yi keeps Ba Wool’s hopes up. Eun Bi makes a decision about her future.

Ep. 6 An Unspeakable Secret
Eun Bi goes on a trip, but she has some unexpected companions. Kang Hyuk opens up to Eun Bi about how he feels. Chi Soo has Eun Bi’s images constantly in his mind. The Ramen Shop needs some new employees.

Ep. 7 Flower Boy Ramen Shop
Chi Soo wants what Chi Soo wants– Eun Bi calling him Oppa. The shop gets a makeover and success is at hand, but for the Radish Incident of 2011. Honey and Baby finally get together.

Ep. 8  A Universal Song
Everyone’s searching for a song, but who will find theirs. Eun Bi is caught in the middle of Chi Soo and Gang Hyuk, but why are the guys acting so strangely? Ba Wool is worried about his noona and Hyun Woo(the other part timer) makes him feel weird.

Ep. 9 You Insulted me like a Man
Eun Bi is confused by Kang Hyuk and Chi Soo’s actions. What do they really mean? Chi Soo learns of Kang Hyuks promise. The crew has a new challenge at the Ramen Shop.

Ep. 10  A Tank Named Desire
Or a streetcar named Oppa. One word reeks havoc on the flower boys. The ladies seem blissfully unaware. Chi Soo can’t contain his feelings anymore.

Ep. 11 Can You Interpret Love
Han Kyuk holds a Ramen competition at the Ramen Shop. The results are questionable. Chi Soo’s dad makes a proposition as he becomes more concerned for Chi Soo. Eun Bi has mixed emotions.

Ep. 12 Eun Bi and the Flower Boys
Eun Bi is plagued by the men in her life, and the neighbors have noticed. Families are what you make them, but do blood ties run deeper?

Ep. 13 Gloomy Sunday
A family secret is revealed. Yang Fatale makes her debut and wows the boys. The battle lines are drawn in the ramen shop between chi soo and han kyuk – Eun bi needn’t concern herself.

Ep. 14 Makjang vs. Purity

Secrets are revealed when President Cha visits Kang Hyuk. President Cha has plans to keep Chi Soo from the Ramen Shop and Eun Bi. Chi Soo runs away from home…to the Ramen Shop. So Yi learns to appreciate Ba Wool

Ep. 15 Nothing Happened
Chairman Cha is relentless and so Chi Soo must make a difficult decision. Kang Hyuk is torn between Eun Bi and Chi Soo.

Ep. 16 Heart is Boiling
Eun Bi and Chi Soo are in a daze, unable to really live without each other. It’s the end of the road and there are no more secrets in the Ramen Shop. Dong Joo’s wedding goes off with a hitch or two. How will Eun Bi, the ramen shop and Flower Boys end up?

“No thanks. No matter how the world changes there are things that you need to protect. Even though you can change your car, you don’t change love. No matter how cruel the world becomes love shouldn’t become cruel.”
-Chi Soo to his Father repeating Eun Bi’s words


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  1. Cannot wait to finish watching this drama! :”> Chi-soo & Eun-bi til the end! <3 <3 <3


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