Color of Woman Episode Guide

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Episode 1: “I Don’t Want to Sleep With You”
In which we meet our heroine, the hardworking , blunt, make-up free Byun Sora, who is having a bad day: she finds her boyfriend cheating on her with her roommate, Wang Jin Ju; she gets fired from her university job; and the new job she lands is under her college ex.

Episode 2:
In which Sora ignores Jun Su’s attempt at an explanation of “the incident” while working on a plan in which L’aura will not have to use a model to advertise it’s products and Jin Ju uses her wits to help her in her new job. Chan Jin finds out about Jun Su’s past with Sora and our heroines bond over fighting off bodyguards.

Episode 3:“The Day of Putting On Lipstick”
In which Sora kicks Jin Ju out; Jun Su goes up against Director Sung to prove he can run the company; Sora and Jun Su share a kiss.

Episode 4: “I Wish The Rumors About Me Were True” 
In which Sora, Jun Su, and Deputy Song go on a company volunteer trip to Chong Soon district together and Sora and Jun S end up spending the night at a motel, where they finally address “the incident.” Meanwhile, Chan Jin and Jin Ju worry about their crushes spending the night together and Director Sung’s public image comes under attack.

Episode 5: “Will We Be Able To Start Over Again?”
In which Jun Su proposes a new luxury line to the shareholders and recruits Chan Jin and Sora for help; Deputy Song has a budding romance of her own; Jun Su tries to meet up with Sora but things get switched up; Jin Ju and Chan Jin advise Sora and Jun Su to move on.

Episode 6: “Sora’s Choice”
Chan Jin and Sora work late at the library, during which Chan Jin continues to tease her with his hidden feelings; Jin Ju continues to court Jun Su; a misunderstanding arises between Jun Su and Sora, making Jun Su take the next step in courting her.

Episode 7 “ Night Cats”
In which Sora and Jun Su go out on a date and spend the night being cute with each other while Chan Jin and Jin Ju chase after them; Chan Jin has a mysterious past; Jun Su’s father makes and appearance.

Episode 8 “Spicy Noodles Calling For a Kiss”
Sora and Jun Su continue dating and share a kiss while Director Sung plots against him. Chan Jin continues to be evasive about his feelings for Sora and Jin Ju reaches a boiling point in her pursual of Jun Su.

Episode 9 “Cinderella Type Story”
Jun Su discovers that Chan Jin was the one who gave Sora the dress and gets jealous; Director Sung continues to plot against Jun Su for power in the company and seems to have Chan Jin as an important part in her plan; Sora and Jun Su plan weekend getaway, which he misses, leaving the door potentially open for Chan Jin to save the day.


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