In Time With You Episode 5 Mini Reflection

This show just keeps getting better and better. It has a depth to it that’s refreshing. Each episode has these overarching metaphors that tie it together. It’s a show that knows how to tell a story—each episode moves the plot forward while telling us more about the characters, like a wave that moves back and forth, back and forth, continually pushing forward but not forgetting to give us that foundation that allows our deepening understanding of the characters to inform us of why they act the way they do. And it has this mellow atmosphere about it, as if it’s sure of itself, with its assured pacing and consistent characters and a tone that never feels out of step with itself. It reminds me of a more mature Coffee Prince.

You Qing is such an awesome lady, not without her flaws, what with her stubbornness and propensity to be easily angered, but so self-possessed and such a good friend and sister and daughter. And Da Ren is similarly awesome without being faultless, with the writer(s) of the show and Bolin Chen somehow managing to make him so kind and selfless and affectionate, but also a coward who is unable to stop Maggie’s advances, despite knowing that he’s not in love with her and cannot give her the undivided attention she wants so badly. I go back and forth on deciding which of them is the Square-Maned Lion. They both think very long and hard about what the right things to do and be are, and they both struggle to find a balance in their lives between what they want and what the world seems to be willing to offer them.

And Maggie. Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. On one hand I admire her tenacity and her go-get-‘im behavior in pursuing the man she likes. But on the other hand…he’s so obviously not into you.

Maggie, some advice: every person deserves to be loved and feel appreciated. If a man does not love you, then he is not the man for you. And Da Ren is very considerate (and hot), but do you really, really love him? Do you really love this guy who is forcing himself to spend time with you, who you are trying so hard to get to like you? Is he not just fitting into this rather arbitrary plan that you have to get hitched in a month? I feel like you need to work on being with yourself for a while, maybe find out a way to sleep with the lights off and feel safe in your own company, before getting married to some random guy. Just in looking at any of the screencaps with Maggie and Da Ren in them you always see the same thing: Maggie touching him and smiling at him, and Da Ren leaning away or looking at You Qing. I mean, look at this:

The guy literally has his hands flying away from you, like when a player holds his hands up in football (soccer). And he looks miserable. Leave him.

Some advice for Da Ren: stop torturing Maggie, when you know full well you can never give her what she wants and she can never give you what you want. It’s ok to be a coward, but only when it affects you. Now you’re being an ass to Maggie and I’m wondering, how many other girls have had to go through what she’s going through right now? How many other girls have felt they simply cannot measure up, no matter how hard they try? Da Ren, tell You Qing how you feel. Your friendship is strong enough to survive her rejecting you.

And some advice for our heroine: DO NOT GO BACK TO LI WEI. Getting your heart broken by someone is devastating enough, but twice by the same person? That’s shudder inducing. Other than that, keep being fabulous!

Just look at that picture. You guys, do you realize something? You always choose each other over everyone else.Every romantic relationship you’ve had with other people has been somehow defined by the relationship you have with each other. You always think about the feelings and opinions of the other. You care just as much about the other’s happiness as you do about your own. You always turn to each other. Your families treat the other like adoptive children. Just stop for one second and look at yourselves. Yeah, you see that? It’s called true love.


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