In Time With You First Impressions

In Time With You…my crack drama. I thought it was going to be Man of Honor or The Princess’ Man, but no, it’s this wonderful little introspective thing with lovely music and touches of whimsy throughout that enhance the relationship between our leads.

We’ve got a tough-as-nails heroine who strives for honesty and perfection in all that she does and loves those around her fiercely and respects even the people who annoy her; we’ve got a kind and gentle hero who understands the people around him and tells them the best of what he sees in them and always strives to bring people together, to dispel misunderstanding and conflict, even when he himself is unsure of where he stands.

They at first seem to be polar opposites, and they are, in the way they present themselves to others and the way they are perceived. But the way they approach themselves and others is similar in that they both value politeness, honesty, and dignity. While Cheng You Qing, our heroine, is often described by her peers as arrogant and prideful, and Li Da Ren, our hero, is told by his sister that he’s pathetic because he’s surrounded by strong women, the truth is that her arrogance and his pathetic-ness are actually the same thing manifesting themselves in different ways: her pride stems from a dedication she has to acting in a manner she deems best, in a manner that puts her conscience at ease, as does his pathetic-ness. They both refuse to have their thoughts and actions be dictated by the actions of those around them, and instead of being reactionary, they react in accordance to their own principles, as opposed to simply feeding off the way others treat them. For example, when Cheng You Qing is accused of picking a fight with her colleague because she used to date a man the younger woman is now dating, she doesn’t confront the gossipers, but instead tells her colleague that that isn’t the reason behind her disagreement with her at all, and this leads to her colleague actually admiring her! And as for Li Da Ren, while he has yet to stand for his principles as boldly as our kick-ass heroine (who publicly defies lecherous professors and defends girls who’ve been bullied) he is constantly bombarded with rudeness and disrespect at his job, but he never loses his cool; not because it’s his job, but because he genuinely believes in civility and diplomacy.

In effect, she’s someone who is very passionate about always striving for the best—she expects it of herself and those around her, which comes off as imperious to those around her; he is ever affable and courteous, and so we don’t just find ourselves with an opposites-attract scenario, but one in which their differences and similarities compliment one another. I can’t wait to see the ways in which their relationship develops in the coming weeks.

Here are some things I already love:

    • they both have wonderful relationships with their mothers
    • the pace of the show isn’t too rushed or clunky; it’s self assured
    • Li Da Ren never tells Cheng You Qing to stop being arrogant
    • the quirkiness of the show, like how they see little animations of each other on the phone and over their emails
    • Cheng You Qing’s secretary; yum!
    • the flashbacks to their childhoods builds their respective characters (and I’m hoping we’ll get some connections/reverberations that pont back to when they were younger later on)
    • our heroine is having something of a crisis because she just turned 30, but she’s having it with a touch of irony, and more than a bit of sarcasm
    • it’s surprisingly reflective for a show with such a silly premise, which is reflected in the writing, which leads me to the last thing I love…
    • the writing is so pretty; check this out:
      “I spent a lifetime, to learn one thing. Possessing is the beginning of losing. But in the end, I still couldn’t learn to accept it. Having youth, is actually the beginning of losing youth. Having marriage, is actually the beginning of losing marriage. Having reputation, in actuality, reputation can be lost as well. Possessing wealth, is just the same. Health as well. Even raising a dog. Possessing love… Oh god, losing a loved one is even harder to accept. Why is it that everything I pursue in life, once I gain possession of it, I also begin to lose it? If I never have it, then I won’t have anything to lose. Isn’t that right?”  -Episode 2
      How beautiful was that?

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  1. I’m so obsessed with this show, and delighted to discover that you’ve written about it. Your insights always make me like things more than I started off liking them. (Which might actually be a problem here, because I could conceivably explode from all that liking.)

    • ladida

      IN TIME WITH YOOOOUUUUUU!!! Amanda, I love this show so much and it’s up on Dramafever IN HD and I watched it straight through over the winter break which made me think I should do recap + reflections for it based on the way Dramafever divided it up???? Li Da Reeennnnnnnn! I can’t wait to read your thoughts on it. I haven’t written much on it, most of the stuff here is just random thoughts I had before Malta and I decided to be more organized in our drama writing.


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