I Spy…

I spy with my little eye something beginning with S…

It’s Sung Joon! Recently I re-watched my first kdrama, Personal Taste, and lo and behold within the first few minutes is Sung Joon in a very small part as one of a pair of metrosexual models. haha. Obviously when I watched Lie to Me I didn’t realize he had been in Personal Taste for about .0 seconds, but this second time around I immediately recognized that brooding glare.

Metrosexual models

I liked Sung Joon in Lie to Me, which I have to confess I never finished watching properly. I think I got to episode 7 or 8  and stopped watching, but I did watch the finale. I thought Sung Joon played his character with kind of an evil bent, but only because he had so much glaring and brooding. I don’t know that he intended to seem a little evil. I think it was because he’s still green, and learning and growing as an actor. He had spectacular chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye though.

White Christmas (2011)...why are you nekkid?

Sung Joon was also in White Christmas, a drama special about a group of high school students at a remote high school during Christmas break and well, bad things happen to them. I don’t like scary shows so I’m working up the nerve to watch this one because I’ve heard it’s really good. White Christmas has one of the most intriguing drama posters ever.

I have a good feeling about Sung Joon’s latest project, Shut Up Flower Boy Band (love that title) from the cable channel tvN, who also brought us Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and I Need Romance– two 2011 dramas I thoroughly enjoyed. I’m hoping this drama can capture the drama sweet spot FBRS was able to and maybe also be what Mary Stayed Out All Night should have been. SUFBB is about “a high school rock band, their friendship, love and passion for music.” I’m hoping to see lots of scenes of Seoul’s local music scene, but we’ll see.  SUFBB also has Lee Hyun Jae, who’s currently having a cute turn as an office worker in Color of Women,  as one of the band members. I’m looking forward to seeing him in a larger role… Speaking of good looking posters–

They are so cool. Doesn't this just scream "Release your inner fangirl cause ladies, we're coming for you!" or maybe I'm the only one who gets that vibe?

So, Noona Killer or Not?

Getting back to Sung Joon, definitely Noona Killer. At some point while watching Lie to Me I learned that Sung Joon was born July 10, 1990…That’s so wrong. Are the 80’s not cool anymore?


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