Queen of Reversals (2010) Episode Guide


*With a focus on Tae Hee and Yong Shik*

Episode 01 In which our heroine, Hwang Tae Hee (Kim Nam Joo), career woman and team leader extraordinaire, laments  over her nonexistent love life. She may find a suitor in new team member Bong Jun Soo (Jung Joon Ho), but he has some skeletons in his closet. Will family objections, an ex-girlfriend, and a snubbed boss keep these two apart?

Episode 02 Newly wed and newly demoted, Tae Hee faces new challenges at her workplace, leading to troubles in her marriage, and a new man makes a quick appearance in her life.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik is introduced as the playboy youngest son of Queen’s CEO, who doesn’t care much about work and just wants to leave Korea.

Episode 03 After quitting her job Tae Hee begins a new stage of her life as mother and homemaker, while back at the office Jun Soo copes with company restructuring. There’s a new boss in town, and we learn something more about Tae Hee’s former mentor.

Episode 04  In which company restructuring continues at the Queen offices, while Tae Hee has a run in and a mix up with the head of the operation, Goo Yong Shik (Park Shi Hoo).

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Tae Hee and Yong Shik bump into each other and accidentally switch phones, and then meet again when Tae Hee gets drunk and tells him off for being a rich alpha.

Episode 05 The company decides to hold a competition from which the winner will win a six-month probationary position, which Tae Hee decides to enter, while Jun Soo goes job hunting and Yong Shik’s attempts to return to the US are thwarted.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Tae Hee confronts Yong Shik for firing her husband, and Yong Shik persuades her to keep from quitting.

Episode 06 Tae Hee is the top finalist in the competition, thanks to some encouragement from Yong Shik, and she begins her six-month contract with a misfit group of “losers, with Yong Shik at the helm and Han Song Yi (Ha Yoo Mi) determined to tear her down. Meanwhile, a neighborhood ajumma discovers a possible secret involving Jun Soo.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik keeps Tae Hee from quitting, finds out there may be more to Jun Soo and Yeo Jin’s relationship, and watches as Tae Hee tries to accomplish the assignment he gave to the Special Project team.

Episode 07 In which Jun Soo works on opening up his food stand, Tae Hee continues to slug it out in Special Projects, and Yong Shik and Tae Hee share a moment.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Tae Hee has a conversation with a drunken Yong Shik and makes sure he gets home safe while Yong Shik misreads a situation and accuses Tae Hee of “selling herself” to sell a product.

Episode 08 In which Yeo Jin tries to lure Jun Soo back to the company and suffers a devastating loss, Tae Hee celebrates a special day with Yong Shik, and a secret is revealed.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Tae Hee slaps Yong Shik for being so impertinent and presumptuous and demeaning and he feels guilty. Yong Shik ropes Tae Hee into reluctantly celebrating his birthday with him and apologizes.

Episode 09 The Beauty Team and the Special Projects team head off to a resort for teambuilding hijinks in preparation for the presentations, Song Yi asks Jun Soo to put it all on the line, and Yeo Jin makes a move.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik helps Tae Hee carry home some soup, catches Yeo Jin kissing Jun Soo, and tries to keep Tae Hee from catching on.

Episode 10 In which the truth about the copy-cat presentations comes to light and Tae Hee gets some surprising news.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik learns more about Tae Hee’s marriage and comforts her when it becomes clear that the source of the leak is her. Tae Hee gives Yong Shik a cold compress for his forehead when he falls sick, which he keeps on his bathroom mirror.

Episode 11 Jun Soo’s secret begins to unravel while both teams prepare for the new presentations and Yong Shik recognizes his own feelings.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik’s crush becomes more apparent as he tries to impress Tae Hee but ends up helping her across the street instead. Tae Hee cooks for Yong Shik (and the rest of the team) when they visit his apartment.

Episode 12 In which Tae Hee throws down the gauntlet and confronts Song Yi, Jun Soo resigns himself to the consequences of his actions, and Yong Shik gets a roommate.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik helps Tae Hee when her car breaks down, worries about her low spirits, and takes Manager Mok home on Tae Hee’s suggestion.

Episode 13 The teams make their presentations, Tae Hee and Yong Shik learn more about one another, and Jun Soo and Tae Hee come to a devastating decision.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik tells a sleeping Manager Mok about his crush on Tae Hee and comforts her when she comes to a breaking point.

Episode 14   In which Tae Hee takes a day off,  Kang Woo figures something out about his hyung, and Jun Soo and Tae Hee finalize their divorce.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Accidental skinship in the form of Tae Hee tripping a nd pulling Yong Shik down along with her.

Episode 15  In which Yeo Jin sabotages the Special Projects team once again, Jun Soo moves into a new condo,  and Yong Shik is a jerk/struggles with his feelings for Tae Hee.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik tries to reign in his feelings for Tae hee by being mean to her. Tae Hee tells him off for being so capricious in their friendship.

Episode 16 Yong Shik dances inappropriately in front of his colleagues and makes a confession while Yeo Jin continues to hide the diet lady.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Purposeful, though unwanted, skinship when Yong Shik picks Tae Hee up when she refuses to leave the diet woman’s doorstep.

Episode 17 Yong Shik’s oldest brother comes to town and aligns with Song Yi while preparations continue for the second presentation, and a shift in Jun Soo’s and Tae Hye’s relationship may come.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik misreads a situation again and accuses Tae Hee of following Jun soo around even after they’ve gotten divorced; Jun Soo finds out that Yong Shik is crushing on Tae Hee.

Episode 18 After the failed presentation, Tae Hee hands in her resignation, Yong Shik comes closer to confessing, Jun Soo and Yong Shik have a confrontation, and Yeo Jin finds another man to call for help.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik confronts Tae Hee about taking the blame for the failed presentation and makes a semi-confession.

Episode 19 After quitting the company, Tae Hee gets a new job while the Beauty Team’s diet pill hits a few snags. Tae Hee helps her team with a project.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik confesses again and grins ridiculously from washing clothes with Tae Hee while Tae Hee remains confused and conflicted about his advances.

Episode 20 In which Yong Shik’s brother works against him, Yong Shik suffers a blow, Tae Hee returns to work, and a possible reconciliation lies ahead for her and Jun Soo.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: In which Yong Shik makes an official confession forces a kiss onto Tae Hee. >:/

Episode 21 Jun Soo moves up in the workplace, Yongshik and Tae Hee deal with the aftermath of the kiss, and the Special Team has a party.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Tae Hee and Yong Shik revolve around one another when the Special Team goes to a spa; Yong Shik prepares to leave Korea and Tae Hee asks him to stay.

Episode 22 Tae Hee gives Yong Shik some reasons to stay, and Jun Soo and Yeo Jin decide to give their romantic relationship a try. Meanwhile, power struggles continue between Song Yi, the CEO and Yong Shik’s older brother.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Tae Hee stays up all night to write a report demonstrating why Yong Shik should stay; Yong Shik gets drunk and demands that Tae Hee take him home.

Episode 23 Tae Hee works on new ideas for the Special Team and gets stuck in the middle of nowhere with Yong Shik, and Jun Soo and Yeo Jin try to get a contract with Ophelia.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik thanks Tae Hee for making him stay and gives her low scores on her project ideas; the two share a late night at the office; the two get stuck in Kangwon, where Yong Shik confesses again.

Episode 24 Tae Hee and Yong Shik continue working with the DIY Cosmetics pitch while Jun Soo and Yeo Jin continue wooing the representatives from Ophelia. Yong Shik’s mother makes one last effort to see her son.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Tae Hee admits that she’s affected by him, but is confused about it; Yong Shik has a dream about Tae Hee; hey have a snow fight!; he gives her a piggyback ride!; the two exchange tangerines with each other’s facial expressions on them!; Tae Hee encounters Yong Shik’s mother and rushes to get him to see her.

Episode 25 With some new information in her hands, Song Yi tries to use Tae Hee to get to Yong Shik.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: The two search for Yong Shik’s mother, Yong Shik tells Tae Hee what she means to him, and Tae Hee publicly rejects Yong Shik and the team in an effort to protect them from Song Yi.

“Comfort. I feel comfortable when I’m with you. When I’m sad, when I feel cold, when I am sad from waiting, I feel hopeful from just thinking of you. When I’ with you, I feel that everything else is not important. You always make me feel okay. Therefore, I want to look after you. Even if I lose everything I have.” Goo Yong Shik to Hwang Tae Hee

Episode 26 In an effort to protect Yong Shik, Tae Hee moves to the Beauty Team, while the Special Team continues to work on the DIY Cosmetics plan.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik confronts Tae Hee about leaving her spot on the team; Tae Hee cries over hurting him and the team; Yong Shik gets drunk and  Yeo Jin has to drag him into his apartment; Yong Shik asks Tae Hee to accompany him to see his mother and she rejects him. ;(

“Exactly. This isn’t like me. I tried not to. I didn’t want to. Why am I so upset? So hurt? So worried?” Hwang Tae Hee to Bong Jun Soo about Goo Yong Shik

Episode 27 Yong Shik meets his mother before she goes in to surgery while Tae Hee continues to keep her distance.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Tae Hee goes to see Yong Shik’s mother, where he agrees to stop approaching her; Tae Hee confesses that she’s pushing him away to protect him.

“Hello. Do you remember me? You called me “miss” and gave me your box. Mr. Goo and I are very close…friends. I know you finally met, but, as his friend, I wanted to say something. Even though you weren’t here, he loved you so much. We could all tell. Now that you’ve met at last, I hope you’ll be happy. I’ll pray for your recovery.” Hwang Tae Hee to Goo Yong Shik’s mother

“I’m sorry I was such a bother. I’ll do just as you said, not to worry. I’ll take care of myself. If you’re uncomfortable, just act like I don’t exist. No worries. No pressure. You had your final say. But I hadn’t. Until now. Thank you…for everything.” Goo Yong Shik to Hwang Tae Hee

Episode 28 Song Yi frames Tae Hee and the Special Team tries to fix the damage done.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Tae Hee continues to keep her distance from Yong Shik, who confesses again, this time outside her apartment door where Jun Soo overhears; Yong Shik’s father meets with Tae Hee.

“It’s true. Lately, you’ve been on my mind a lot. When I think of you I laugh. And I cry. I tried not to, but I did. I admit it. But I’ve done this once before. I’ve felt this…No, actually I loved someone more than this. I was so sure. Even if the world ended, it would never change. I thought I’d never meet anyone else like him. I thought I’d never lose him. I though all I needed was for him to be happy. With him, there were no regrets, no fears. We’d win, even if the world was against us. But that all changed. Just like that. Five years was all it took.Fine, so we fall in love. In five years we’ll change, we’ll wither. Grow tired. And grow cold. Maybe even less than five years. I’m too old and too tired to go through that again. And too scared. I don’t have it in me to break my heart for something I can never have. If you ever loved me, don’t fall any further, not for me. Don’t let them hurt you. Take what you want. Do what you want. If you want to beat them, beat them. Go higher. So high that I can never reach you. I know you can do it.Goodbye.” Hwang Tae Hee to Goo Yong Shik

“Hwang Tae Hee-sshi. Are you there? Can you hear me?… How you felt five years ago is how I feel now. All I need is you to make me happy. With you, there ar no regrets, no fears. I’ll win, even if the world is against me. And I won’t change. So long as you’re you, I won’t change. Even if you get older, uglier, and crankier. Whatever you do, I won’t change. I won’t wither or grow cold. I can’t ask you to come with me, but can’t you just be there? Can’t you pick up when I call? If I buy dinner, have some. If I buy movie tickets, just sit in the next seat. And if I confess every day, can you just listen? If not, can you at least not push me away?” Goo Yong Shik to Hwang Tae Hee

Episode 29 Angst. Yong Shik continues to fight for his relationship with Tae Hee, but he meets obstacles at every step.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik confronts his father about his relationship with Tae Hee; Jun Soo aks Tae Hee to leave for the US with him.

Episode 30 Office politics and machinations come to a head as Yong Shik and Song Yi battle for the presidency. Tae Hee decides to go overseas with Jun Soo.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: Yong Shik begs Jun Soo not to take Tae Hee away; the two have a run in at Yong Shik’s apartment building; Tae Hee decides to protect Yong Shik from Song Yi’s machinations; Tae Hee leaves Korea.

“Manager, when I was in college, I read about you in the magazines, and decided to join this company. I’ve told you that before, and I wasn’t playing up to you. It was the truth. Even after joining the company, to me, you were always the star, sparkling brillinatly, but always too high to reach. Perhaps even now, I still feel the same way. To the ordinary employees who don’t know you, you are the one who without receiving help, based on your own ability, reached this position. A life to dream for.

I’ll get straight to the point. This will be the axe and hammer tomorrow. You, who once sparkled and gleamed, will be pulled down and pitifully shattered, with this. The Managing Director, who used many tricks to get to where she is, this is the proof…This is the evidence for all to see.

Managing Director, I feel that if you tumble and crumble then those who emulate you will have their dreams shattered as well. At least, I wanted to give you a chance to turn things around.” Hwang Tae Hee to Song Yi

Episode 31  Tae Hee returns to Korea without Yong Shik’s knowledge.

Tae Hee & Yong Shik: They hold hands! They kiss! They smile at each other! She meets his mother! They have a family outing with her daughter! :D

“When one is alive, there may be things one is not aware of. Life isn’t perfect. Sometimes it’s wonderful. And other times it’s awful. Sometimes you’ll get hurt, sometimes you’ll recover. Sometimes you leave, sometimes you come back. Because of such unending changes, one needs to keep moving on. Life becomes that much more wonderful. ” Manager Mok

“We should love. And love again. Love the moment.” Hwang Tae Hee



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